This Week on the News Hour
This Week on the News Hour

What we learned last week...

Last week we nearly made a dreadful mistake.  We're a few months away Man Surprised from a new product launch for a client and they needed a brochure.  Not wanting to be boring we encouraged the client to move away from a standard looking brochure and do something unique.  We were told, "That's fine I just need it to fit in a #10 envelope."  We wrote it down and design started in.  But everything looked boring.

Then one of the team members asked the pivotal question, "Why does it have to fit in a #10 envelope?"  So, we called the client and asked the same question. After some thought the client said, "Well, it really doesn't. Mailing brochures isn't something that we do very often."

Disaster averted and we're now well on our way to creating a unique point-of-purchase item that will get noticed.

What did we learn? It's always best to think through the project.  While we wasted little time our mistake was to not follow through with a simple question..."Why?"