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LinkedIn Has a Problem...

Like many professionals we use LinkedIn to connect with various local business people as we power Insight on Business the News Hour with a robust guest list.  But, LinkedIn has a problem that, for some reason, they are unable to fix.

Every time an individual updates their professional profile LinkedIn Linkedin-logo "thinks" the person has a new job and starts sending out reminders that we need to "Congratulate John/Jane Doe on a new job!". So, often we (and you) go to those profiles, say "Congrats!" only to learn it's not a new job, simply an update.

Makes us (and you) look a little silly because we did not already know that about our LinkedIn friend.

So, how do you make sure?  The only way we found was to actually go and visit that "New Job" personal profile and read.  Making sure that it's actually a new job and then sending the congrats.

Don't you love automation?

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