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Older Folks and Social Media

According to a new study the fastest growing demographic for Twitter Older Social Media is...ready?...folks 55 - 64.  In fact that demographic has jumped by 79% since 2012.  So?

So, if your company is attempting to connect with an older demographic it may be a good idea to connect with social media.  A couple of additional items:

  • People aged 45 - 54 are fastest growing group on Facebook and Google+
  • Older American's have fewer "friends" on Facebook. The seem to be content with "quality" not "quantity"

So, social media is NOT "just for teens" clearly there is opportunity to connect with older folks for those of you who have embraced this form of marketing. In addition, our age makes a difference in our taste and interests so the key here is knowing HOW to use social media to attract a demographic above age 45.

You there...yet?


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