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This Week on The News Hour

WOW...Stunning and Thank You!

Insight on Business the News Hour with Michael Libbie celebrates nine IOB_RGB web 1 weeks of broadcasting on 1350-KRNT. Nine weeks ago we began doing what nobody else in the Des Moines Metro thought was voice to business with an hour-long, local and live broadcast that features the business stories of the day, economic development items and interviews with news-makers, business people, start-ups and more.  The response has been wonderful and we are grateful.

And, because we know you can't always listen on "our time" (5PM to 6PM) we've created a podcast page where you can download the broadcast interviews from your desktop to your mobile device.

And, here is the link to the Mobile site.  During these nine weeks over 13,000 of you have come by to download a broadcast.  Thank you!

Yes, we stripped out the news portions so you can enjoy the insight of our wide and varied guests.  For example, just this week we've hosted:

Greg Edwards - Greater Des Moines Convention & Visitors Bureau;

Tom Swartwood - From Drake University on start-ups and entrepreneurs;

John Hale - From the Hale Group on direct care givers in Iowa;

Steve Wilkie-Shapiro - About the economic impact of rehabbing buildings;

Gordon Fischer - From the Greater Des Moines Community Foundation;

Chuck Kuba - From Iowa Diamond with an entertaining interview;

Ralph Rosenberg - From the Iowa Environmental Council about water;

Brent Isenberger - Small business owner and business photographer.

And today (Friday, November 1) we'll be visiting with Steve Mathews from the Radio Garage adn Chaden Halfhill from Silent Rivers.

As you can see, we burn through plenty of people each week.  If you've got a story for us or know of a unique business let us know.  Our news email is [email protected] And, thank you for listening!

Insight on Business the News Hour is made possible through the support of Mr. B Clothing of Clive, The Fireplace SuperStore of Urbandale, The Warren County Economic Development Corporation of Indianola, The Kreamer Law firm of West Des Moines, ReMax Real Estate Concepts of Des Moines, Westside Auto Pros of Clive,  West Bank of Des Moines, Merit Resources of Des Moines, the Iowa Computer Club of Des Moines and The Rick Davis Team of Des Moines.

If you want to follow us on Twitter it's @IoB_NewsHour before, during and after the broadcast and here is our Facebook Page for the photos, videos and back-story of the News Hour.