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They Don't Matter...

Yesterday morning I got an 'excited' email from a local company sharing Man What the Heck with me the news they just 'revamped' their website.  Because we're in the business of helping companies build websites...we wanted to take a look. It's very pretty.  Nice images, clear text and not too crowded.

On a hunch I decided to try to bring it up on my iPhone.  Disaster.  The 'new revamped website' was not...responsive.  In other words to actually use the site on my phone I had to 'pinch and scroll" around just to fine the phone number.


This very public, very connected company must think that the 50% of web searches that are done on a mobile device simply don't matter.  That of 1,000 people that search for their site only 500 will be able to use it properly.

And, nope...it's not money.  This company has...plenty.  It's just silly. And a waste and...

Never mind.  I can tell it doesn't do any good.

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