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What Was That Stat?

From Insight on Business the News Hour with Michael Libbie a report Woman Shopping Mobile from this week:

The National Retail Federation reported that spending over the Thanksgiving weekend dropped 2.7% compared to a year ago. On the crucial Black Friday shopping day, online sales accounted for 44% of the total, up from 41% last year, the NRF noted.

So, why should you care?  Here is the rest of the story:

Shoppers are shifting more of their holiday purchasing online for several reasons we think: E-commerce websites are more convenient than physical stores, more deals and promotions are on the web now, more people have mobile devices which makes it easier to shop online and hot holiday items that sell out quickly are often still available on the Internet.

Notice what we wrote and highlighted.  Which begs the question, "Can consumers use their mobile device to access your website and actually use it?"

If not...you must get "responsive design"...now.

You are welcome.


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