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Blog Baby...Blog!

Happy New Year!!!! New Year 2014 

When we started blogging for Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications we did so because we thought it was a great way to expose businesses to our craft of advertising.  Over the years, we've been at it since 2006, our goal has been to shed some light on advertising and marketing ideas.  At least that's what we wrote in our very first post, "Getting Noticed".

Since then, there have been many changes.  Sometimes we blogged about other people ("Bob Schnell - Thank You!"), sometimes we took our eye off the ball and blogged about politics ("Counting Chickens"),sometimes it was simply a way to engage our clients and help them boost their visibility ("Got Your Back!" and sometimes it was to poke fun at ourselves ("Chickens and Advertising").

In total there have been well over 1222 posts for our agency, several hundred for our TV Show and Radio Broadcast...and several hundred for our many clients. 


We've always thought that blogging allows us, and our clients, the opportunity to expand the voice of our brand.  To allow people to get to know us.  To improve SEO and finally as a creative outlet...because sometimes that's important for folks like us.

What's Changed?

We've added many more images, shortened our posts to under 300 words, added video, linked out more and asked more questions.

So, Happy 2014 and how has your message changed or how do you see it changing in the months ahead?