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Do Super Bowl Ads Increase Sales?

Who would spend $4 million to run one television ad that fails to increase Football Image sales?  You guessed it...the sponsors of the Super Bowl.  Does that mean the ads fail?  Should you always be measuring the success of your marketing efforts on...sales?  Here's the answer:

According to a recent 1,000 person study conducted by the Tucson-based research firm Communicus 80% of Super Bowl ads do not achieve sales for their brands.  But, the sponsors keep coming back and spending those dollars.  Are they crazy?

No.  There are several ways to look at this:  1) Super Bowl ads, they found, are remembered better (44% vs. 32% for non-Super Bowl ads) and if they are remembered they get talked about and shared.  That's one of the reasons these ads are so creative. They are meant to boost the brand...not necessarily sales and 2) 20% of the brands do get sales results and 20% of millions of folks ain't bad.

But, what about you and your brand?  If you continue to measure the success of your advertising campaign based only on sales; it is too narrow of a focus.  Besides, if you are executing your campaign correctly you're doing something the Super Bowl sponsors are not.  You are including a call to action in your message.  Most of the ads you see during the big game are designed to highlight the brand....not sell.

Bottom line:  Always measuring success based on sales is a little short-sighted.  But when you do, make sure your campaign has actually asked for the sale.


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