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Selling Value

I was having a conversation with a client the other day and we got Man Sales around to talking about different sales techniques.  He's seen companies that are selling value because they have high margins and high costs and he's been witness to companies that sell items like a commodity...low margins and low cost.

I asked him which, in his opinion, was the easier sell.

"I would much rather sell high-cost/high-margin products because it's easier for me to sell the idea of the value this type of product brings to the consumer."

He went on; "But, that's me.  I know sales people who like to sell on price only and, based on my experience, the sales professional who sells on price has a very hard time switching over to sell the idea of value for higher priced products."

I thought it was an interesting discussion.  So, what about you?  Is there a difference?  Do you think a salesperson who can sell value can also sell price?  Which is better?  Selling on value or selling on price?

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