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It's Always About: Content

Since we started working in the world of social media we've always held Podbean logo to the fact that content and hard work is what drives success.  Content and work.  

Far too often businesses have little to do with understanding the work that goes into creating good content because, "Hey, social media is free. You mean I have to work at it?"

The simple answer is yes, and here is some proof:

We've been engaged in a daily business news broadcast at 1350-KRNT, Des Moines since late August of 2013. Every day, Monday - Friday from 5PM to 6PM we cover the business news of the day and offer up interviews with business leaders, start-ups, entrepreneurs...the folks that most broadcast outlets ignore.  And, we then take those interviews, edit them and post them to our podcast page hosted by

Today we received this email: (emphasis ours)

"I'm pleased to inform you that we've chosen to promote your podcast on as a featured podcast in the BusinessX category on our directory site. Podcasts are chosen for this section based on the high quality of their content, presentation and topicality. It's our own way of showing some support to our best users. Podbean now has more than 600 000 registered users. We hope featuring your podcast will help you attract more listeners.

We created the directory with the aim of increasing exposure for podcasters by providing an extra channel through which they could be found. Of course the more people know about the directory the more useful it is, so feel free to mention it across your blog and social networks to help drive more traffic to the directory, and to you and your friends' podcasts!"

Two things: 

  • It takes real work from a dedicated team. Thank you!
  • It's all about the content.  Drive that and see what happens.

Thanks for reading!


Crowd Funding a Project?

How to raise money for...your next project? Fritz Nordengren 20 Feb 2014

The other day we hosted Iowa author Fritz Nordengren who is funding his new book Kolby Rae through "crowd funding" on Kickstarter.  It's a unique way to get some cash for a project and millions have been raised using the tools.

Fritz only has a couple more days to meet his goal so...if you want to help here is his Kickstarter Page.  Enjoy! 

If you would like to listen to the interview, here you go:

And, because we reference this video it's only fair to show it to you. Not only that...we liked it! 

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Always Fun Being Part of a Launch - Country Vet Naturals

When you watch an idea become reality it's the biggest kick we get here Grouping horz cookies at the agency. Three years ago we started talks with our long-term client Country Vet Pet Foods about changing their formula, creating a natural dog food and packaging that matched what it was. Clearly consumers were asking for it...all we had to do was deliver. 

Then it was testing names, packaging designs, formulas and now, three years later, Country Vet Naturals is being launched at Pheasant Fest in Milwaukee.

All weekend representatives from Country Vet Naturals will be visiting with dog owners about the food and the new treats, Country Vet Naturals Quick Bite Cookies (In Oatmeal/Cranberry thank you very much!).  

Will it be sold in Des Moines?  We're hoping so.  Now that we've finished this round it's on to additional natural pet food products and loads of new ideas regarding the formulation.

We like what we do!


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