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LinkedIn? I Want to Help

Let's say somebody creates what is billed as a professional platform that links business people to business people.  And, individuals, wishing to Linkedin-logo get introduced and connected to others use this platform and request a connection between folks already on the engaged.  

It exists and it is called LinkedIn.

One of the surprising things about some folks who are using this platform is the lack of attention they give to their professional profile...oh, they may indicate where they are working and something about themselves but fail, more than you can imagine, to post a photo of themselves on their profile.

That is sort of like saying your going to a networking event but...sending somebody else or...go but with a mask on.

Some quick advice:  If you are using LinkedIn post a photo of yourself? If this is a social media, digital calling card...personalize it.  It works.

Second item:  Know somebody who is a "LinkedIn Professional" somebody that knows the system?  If so we would love to have them come in and do a segment on The News Hour.  Hit us up?