LinkedIn? I Want to Help
Think Like Ronald McDonald?


When we saw these numbers we were...stunned.  But on second thought, Man Surprised we should not have been.  Ready? Last year Google (you've heard of them...right?) showed that 97 percent of Internet users (consumers) look online for local goods and services. Meanwhile, only 45 percent of American businesses with fewer than 250 employees have built

What is worse is that even a smaller percentage of those who currently have an online presence can be...found and seen.  And, nope, we're not talking about SEO mystic science but simple fixes that business can do to get found as well as been seen.

Getting Found:

If you want to spend your money on SEO or Search Engine Optimization go ahead...blow a wad.  But, if you want organic results turn to several in-house methods from blogging to video to traditional advertising.  You see, if folks don't know you exist...they can't find you.  And, while SEO is nice, we've also seen horror stories.  Why not spend some time and build your brand...yourself?

Being Seen:

With over 50 percent of online searches being done using mobile devices if your website can't been seen, worked with or used to make contact with you...guess what?  You are missing out of tons of opportunities.  So, is your site...responsive?  Can it be seen, and more importantly, used, across many platforms?

It's way past time...start this process today! 



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