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Business, Gatekeepers and The Magic Bullet

It's astounding that business gets done.  So, does your business employ Woman Gatekeeper a "Gatekeeper"? You know...somebody that has instructions that unless the Governor don't want to be disturbed or do you simply use your voice mail system as your gatekeeper?

Either way you may be missing "The Magic Bullet" that might propel your business to the next level.

Here's the deal...if you are in marketing or advertising or if you have a closely held business and YOU are the marketing and advertising department and you don't listen to every pitch that comes to your may be missing out.  Besides, if you are the marketing department your job is to listen to each pitch that comes by.  You never know who has the next bright idea that will be trans-formative.

Don't have time?  Sure you do...and you know it.  Best business advice you might get this month:  Listen...and return those phone calls. Somebody might be trying to help.


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