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We're Here to Help...Honest

For those of you who have been with us know about our passion for blogging.  We believe it is the single best way to promote Thick Bookyour product or service by letting others hear your "voice".  In addition it's a fantastic way to boost search engine optimization, organically.

It can also put folks to sleep.

We just passed around a blog that was released today by a new start-up and while it contained some great information the length was like War & Peace.  Our collective eyes crossed at word 700.

Some thoughts about your next blog post:

Keep It Short - You have just a few seconds to capture the attention of your audience if your blog doesn't get to the meat of the issue've lost your reader.

Episodes - Let's say you have have lots of information to share with your readers. Feel free to break up the post into several "editions" on the same topic. When you do this offer a quick update of a few sentences at the beginning and make mention, at the end, that more is coming.

Bullet Point - You can condense a post into well crafted bullet points and even link those to other examples...should you wish.

Don't Get Technical - Not everybody does "industry speak" know talking in the jargon of your profession.  Keep it simple so everybody understands.

Be Helpful - You don't always have to sell your product/service.  That will come when people find your advice helpful and honest.  Honest....



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Sound Familiar?

We were visiting with a client the other day about some advertising they Man Confused had been doing, which we had encouraged. The client said, "I am disappointed we didn't get any calls about the ad.  I was afraid of that."

If you own a business and you have ever advertised we bet that you've thought the same thing.  So some considerations:

How do you know?

It's a fair question. Unless you, as the advertiser, have asked the consumer to do a very specific thing it's highly unlikely you know where the traffic is coming from.  And, even if you do, how are you tracking the response?

Did you ask for action?

Unless your ad asks for action on the part of the consumer how can you expect the consumer to take advantage of your "offer"?  A "branding ad" is far different than a call to action.  If your advertisement does not call for action then saying you "didn't get a response" isn't the correct answer to the question.

Was your offer valuable?

Even if you do make an offer is it valuable enough to the consumer? For some reason business seems to think, "If I offer 10% off my regular price people will flock to my door." Wrong. Studies have shown that the offer needs to be considerably higher to move the consumer to your product/service.

What to do:  When considering placing advertising think about what you want.  Do you want to brand your business?  Do you want to associate your business with success? Are you wanting to drive traffic? What sort of offer do you have in mind and is it a fair value to you and the consumer? How are you going to measure the ROI?

Your thoughts?


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Social Media - Where Are You?

There is a new study out about the use of social media. Conducted by  Social Media Images
Edison Research and Arbitron, The Social Habit 2012 gives a fascinating look at who is using these tools and what power they have in assisting consumers in making buying decisions.  The study sampled 2020 people via telephone (landline and mobile) ages 12+. Some stunning examples:

  • Over half of all Americans (56%) have a personal profile on any social media site.  However the growth is not as rapid as in past years;
  • Over half of the social users are between the ages of 12 - 34;
  • While 93% have heard of Facebook only 39% have heard of LinkedIn;
  • Year over year growth in social networking is greatest among people age 45 and over;
  • Facebook is dominate among all user age groups;
  • About 58 million Americans have a "social habit" meaning they use social media, "several times a day";
  • Among Twitter users the percentage of people using it "several times a day" jumped from 18% to 29% in just one year;

But perhaps the most stunning number was the 34% of social network users who are...silent.  In other words...they watch, read but fail to engage.

Oh, one other thing for those of you who spend the greatest share of your advertising dollars in television: Among the people who own a DVR and watch "time shifted" television 83% of them fast forward or skip the ads.

Here is the download of the complete study...well worth your time.




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Spending Some Tech Time with Marco

One of the things we love to do is bring in other media types to the News Hour and have a Marco Santana 10 April 2014 discussion on their speciality. Here is Marco Santana from the Des Moines Register talking up technology in Iowa...and the economic impact it brings the state.  

We continue our "All Tech Thursday" discussion with Marco Santana. We visit about the "Tri-Techta" that went on this week from the Technology Association of Iowa: The Prometheus Awards, Pitch & Grow and I2Iowa and more.  And, yes, we did lots and lots of "name dropping"!  Here is that conversation:

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Recruiting & Retaining

There isn't a day that goes by where we don't hear some business person bemoaning the fact that they can't find highly qualified employees or Radio Dial grumble about losing a great worker.  And, if you're in business you know this to be true.

But, there is an answer that is so simple and works so well...that, well, we're surprised that you'll be surprised when we share. Ready?


Why?  Because  Think about it for a moment. Most really good employees are already working.  How might you lure somebody to even think about working for your company?  How about broadcasting the news that you've got a great company and you are seeking great people for a specific job.

What's really cool about this method is that you don't compete against thousands of job postings on a "job board" are polishing your business brand at the same time.  Who wouldn't want to work for a company that tells others, "We're a great company to work for".

And, on the retention side...why not celebrate employee longevity and dedication...publicly with a well crafted radio message?

Look, people purchase radio ads to encourage consumers to buy products and services.  Why not use the same medium to recruit and retain outstanding employees and build your brand at the same time?



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Business, Gatekeepers and The Magic Bullet

It's astounding that business gets done.  So, does your business employ Woman Gatekeeper a "Gatekeeper"? You know...somebody that has instructions that unless the Governor don't want to be disturbed or do you simply use your voice mail system as your gatekeeper?

Either way you may be missing "The Magic Bullet" that might propel your business to the next level.

Here's the deal...if you are in marketing or advertising or if you have a closely held business and YOU are the marketing and advertising department and you don't listen to every pitch that comes to your may be missing out.  Besides, if you are the marketing department your job is to listen to each pitch that comes by.  You never know who has the next bright idea that will be trans-formative.

Don't have time?  Sure you do...and you know it.  Best business advice you might get this month:  Listen...and return those phone calls. Somebody might be trying to help.


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