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Social Media - Where Are You?

There is a new study out about the use of social media. Conducted by  Social Media Images
Edison Research and Arbitron, The Social Habit 2012 gives a fascinating look at who is using these tools and what power they have in assisting consumers in making buying decisions.  The study sampled 2020 people via telephone (landline and mobile) ages 12+. Some stunning examples:

  • Over half of all Americans (56%) have a personal profile on any social media site.  However the growth is not as rapid as in past years;
  • Over half of the social users are between the ages of 12 - 34;
  • While 93% have heard of Facebook only 39% have heard of LinkedIn;
  • Year over year growth in social networking is greatest among people age 45 and over;
  • Facebook is dominate among all user age groups;
  • About 58 million Americans have a "social habit" meaning they use social media, "several times a day";
  • Among Twitter users the percentage of people using it "several times a day" jumped from 18% to 29% in just one year;

But perhaps the most stunning number was the 34% of social network users who are...silent.  In other words...they watch, read but fail to engage.

Oh, one other thing for those of you who spend the greatest share of your advertising dollars in television: Among the people who own a DVR and watch "time shifted" television 83% of them fast forward or skip the ads.

Here is the download of the complete study...well worth your time.




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