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Sound Familiar?

We were visiting with a client the other day about some advertising they Man Confused had been doing, which we had encouraged. The client said, "I am disappointed we didn't get any calls about the ad.  I was afraid of that."

If you own a business and you have ever advertised we bet that you've thought the same thing.  So some considerations:

How do you know?

It's a fair question. Unless you, as the advertiser, have asked the consumer to do a very specific thing it's highly unlikely you know where the traffic is coming from.  And, even if you do, how are you tracking the response?

Did you ask for action?

Unless your ad asks for action on the part of the consumer how can you expect the consumer to take advantage of your "offer"?  A "branding ad" is far different than a call to action.  If your advertisement does not call for action then saying you "didn't get a response" isn't the correct answer to the question.

Was your offer valuable?

Even if you do make an offer is it valuable enough to the consumer? For some reason business seems to think, "If I offer 10% off my regular price people will flock to my door." Wrong. Studies have shown that the offer needs to be considerably higher to move the consumer to your product/service.

What to do:  When considering placing advertising think about what you want.  Do you want to brand your business?  Do you want to associate your business with success? Are you wanting to drive traffic? What sort of offer do you have in mind and is it a fair value to you and the consumer? How are you going to measure the ROI?

Your thoughts?


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