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Facebook vs. Twitter - Get Over It!

We're Here to Help...Honest

For those of you who have been with us know about our passion for blogging.  We believe it is the single best way to promote Thick Bookyour product or service by letting others hear your "voice".  In addition it's a fantastic way to boost search engine optimization, organically.

It can also put folks to sleep.

We just passed around a blog that was released today by a new start-up and while it contained some great information the length was like War & Peace.  Our collective eyes crossed at word 700.

Some thoughts about your next blog post:

Keep It Short - You have just a few seconds to capture the attention of your audience if your blog doesn't get to the meat of the issue've lost your reader.

Episodes - Let's say you have have lots of information to share with your readers. Feel free to break up the post into several "editions" on the same topic. When you do this offer a quick update of a few sentences at the beginning and make mention, at the end, that more is coming.

Bullet Point - You can condense a post into well crafted bullet points and even link those to other examples...should you wish.

Don't Get Technical - Not everybody does "industry speak" know talking in the jargon of your profession.  Keep it simple so everybody understands.

Be Helpful - You don't always have to sell your product/service.  That will come when people find your advice helpful and honest.  Honest....



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