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Can a Selfie Build Your Business?

It's the rage and the selfie might just be a tool to promote your business brand if your product/service matches a specific demographic. If not, it Selfie for IOBcould be disaster.

The selfie was invented, if you will, by millennials so if your target demographic is between 25 to 35 this tactic might work well for you. (Trust me this "selfie" won't move mountains of followers but it gives you the idea. That's Mariah and Sheryl from the News Hour.)  

The first consideration is your plan:  Let's say you have a retail clothing store focused on females in the correct age group. What do you want to promote?  That you offer selection? Style? Your brand is hip? Your location? Drill down to figure out what the focus of your campaign should be.

Set the stage: Create an in-store display as a location for folks to shoot their selfie. You can then brand the images and don't have to worry about the customer doing the branding.

Signage: Let folks in on your campaign.  Place some signs around the shop spelling out the promotion and let staff know about what you're doing and why.

Offer a bonus: You could let this move organically but why not reward your new marketing staff with 10% off for posting the selfie or an invite to the next "private showing".  Something, special.

Risks?  Sure there are but if you promote well and know your customers this could be great fun.


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