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Facebook vs. Twitter - Get Over It!

Over the course of the past couple of weeks lots of folks who may (or may not) understand social media have predicted the demise of Twitter. FB vs Twitter  Why? Because investors who don't understand Twitter decided to sell off stock because... "Twitter is not performing as well as Facebook."


While both Facebook and Twitter are lumped into the pot of "social media" they are two very different beasts.  

Facebook is a platform that targets relationships between folks who know each other.  In fact, Facebook will often send you a note asking if you really know this person...outside of Facebook.  Facebook is personal.

Twitter isn't so much personal as it is a new media broadcast platform that targets news sharing much more than personal interaction.  True some use Twitter as a personal form of communication but, the vast majority don't.  We like to think of Twitter as a huge teletype machine that continually spits out information from people who are connected and have something original to say or share.

On Facebook we almost feel compelled to "like our friends/family" on Twitter it's much less so...it's the news connection.  The information connection - it's the hashtag connection.

That's our take and how we see it.  

You are welcome to share...yours!





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