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Trust, Business and Consumers

Have you ever heard of the Timkin Trust Rating System?  No?  Well, Bill Reicharteach year, since 2010 the Timkin Group does a survey about consumers and their trust level of US corporations. It allows for the ability to identify which brands consumers trust and which ones they don't want to associate with. They measure 10,000 consumers and 298 brands.  Here is the report if you would like to read more.

That started us thinking about local businesses and trust and who, during our time in the Des Moines Market stands out as being one of the small businesses that was built on...trust.

Enter Bill Reichardt.  For those of you too young to remember Bill and his television ads and his famous line, "No sale is ever final here...I'm here and I own the store." It was a textbook lesson in building a trusted local brand. Better yet, here is a sample:


Not all business owners have the charisma of a Bill Reichardt but all businesses can learn something about the way Bill took ownership of more than just his name on a sign.

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