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Adding Value

The other day I got a call from a group asking if I might be able to speak 5in24 Image to them about advertising and marketing and specifically my presentation on "Five in Twenty-Four - Five Things a Business Can Do in Twenty-Four Hours to Boost its Brand".

"Be happy to do that!" And we settled on a fee arrangement.

I then asked if they would like my one-page handout, in advance. That's pretty standard in the speaking industry.  But then I put the icing on the cake:  "How do you market the event and this session?" They told me they send out a newsletter and emails.  I then offered something of added value: "Would it be helpful if I produced a video invitation focusing on the reason why people should attend?"

They were surprised.  "You would do that?"

Of is adding value to the already secured business relationship.

Which begs the question:  Once you've secured the business transaction what added value can you bring to the relationship that will move it above your customers expectation?

We think it's a wise business decision.  What added value can you take to your customer?


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