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Teeny Tiny?

It's a design thing.  Child Magnifying Glass

Over time we've collected thousands of business cards. Thousands. Recently we've noticed a trend that may impact how people make a connection with you or your business.

Teeny Tiny Fonts and Other Issues

While the name of the company is prominent, good luck being able to read the email address, phone number...etc.

Connection...that is the point of a business card.  Right?

Some simple things to remember:

  • Not Everybody has 20/20 Vision:  When your potential client/customer must use a magnifying glass to see your contact information. Not good;
  • Artwork: We get it because we too are into creating stunning designs. However just because it's cool looking let's not over-shadow the contact information;
  • Clarity: I'm looking at a business card, right now, that has three (3) Twitter addresses. Three...really?
  • Stock: We get it, you are trying to save money. However your business card is such an important touch point. Try to have them printed at a printer, on heavy card-stock and try to refrain from printing them in your office.  Trust us, it's an investment;
  • Does It Work:  If you have a QR Code on your business card, make sure it works and points to something useful, descriptive and informative.

Hey, we're just trying to help.


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Thanks for reading!

Adding Value

The other day I got a call from a group asking if I might be able to speak 5in24 Image to them about advertising and marketing and specifically my presentation on "Five in Twenty-Four - Five Things a Business Can Do in Twenty-Four Hours to Boost its Brand".

"Be happy to do that!" And we settled on a fee arrangement.

I then asked if they would like my one-page handout, in advance. That's pretty standard in the speaking industry.  But then I put the icing on the cake:  "How do you market the event and this session?" They told me they send out a newsletter and emails.  I then offered something of added value: "Would it be helpful if I produced a video invitation focusing on the reason why people should attend?"

They were surprised.  "You would do that?"

Of is adding value to the already secured business relationship.

Which begs the question:  Once you've secured the business transaction what added value can you bring to the relationship that will move it above your customers expectation?

We think it's a wise business decision.  What added value can you take to your customer?


Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications is a full service advertising agency based in the Des Moines Metro and the fuel that powers Insight on Business the News Hour. On twitter we're @InsightADV and our Facebook Page is right here.

Twitter Etiquette?

We've found, over the years, that Twitter can be a wonderful tool for Men Bowing finding and sharing information.  We use it and encourage our clients to also spend some time using it...well.

Which brings us to "Twitter Etiquette" and some suggestions on how to get a little more out of your experience. These are observations from years of we go:

  • Be Nice:  It should't even be in the Tip List but man, some folks think that because it's only 140 characters they can say anything. We can all disagree but bad language and hateful tweets won't help your personal or business brand;
  • Re-Tweeting:  If somebody take the time to RT one of your posts we think it's neat to go back and say, "Thanks for the RT!".  It's being nice.
  • Engage:  If somebody asks a question or makes a comment about your post you really should answer back. Ignoring the conversation can just be rude (see above);
  • Following Back:  This is tough because we only have a limited ability to keep up on all the conversation.  However, as a rule, it's polite to follow back even if it takes you some time to get it done.
  • Think About It:  It might sound like a cool thing to say at 1:00AM but in the daylight you might wish you had not pushed the "send button". You've heard the stories of how folks have been fired for using poor judgement...right?

Five quick tips on Twitter Etiquette. You might have your own and if so, feel free to share.

Thanks for reading!


Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications is a full service advertising agency based in Des Moines and is the fuel that powers Insight on Business the News Hour.

What Keeps You Up at Night?

There are lots of things that might worry you but competition shouldn't be Man Insomina one of them.  How can I even suggest that?  Here's a real life example:

Long ago, in another world, I programmed a new radio station that was taking on the "established" Top-40 signal in the market. There's lots of "moving parts" when you attempt something like this and, of course, there was plenty to worry about including:

  • Music Selection
  • Music Rotation
  • On-Air Talent Hiring/Training
  • How Many Commercials Per Hour;
  • News Load;
  • Promotions;
  • Public Speaking;
  • Community Involvement;
  • Exterior Advertising;
  • Logos;
  • FCC Compliance;

And the list goes on and on.  Plenty to keep me awake at night.  

However, the one thing that didn't keep me awake was our competition. After listening, off and on, for a day I never...never took the time to listen to what they were doing again.

It didn't matter.

Sure, at station meetings some of the staff would start in on what the other stations in town were doing or wern't doing and my response was always, "Let's pay attention to what we're doing.  We do that and we'll win."

And, that is exactly what happened.  Within 14 months the "other station" switched formats and our station was billing a million dollars a year.

This isn't to say you shouldn't be aware...but your focus should be on your product or service.  Perfecting and performing at the very top of your game.  And, after's the only thing you can control.


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So, You Wanna LinkUp?

We have this "love/hate" relationship to LinkedIn.  We love the  Linked In No Photo
opportunity to connect with individuals from all over the world and in different fields. Reading their original thoughts helps us grow and learn. The "hate relationship" is nearly equal. Most of the posts (90%) we see are not original thoughts.  They are posts written by others that our LinkedIn connections think are good...and nothing wrong with that. However what do YOU think? What do YOU have to say?  So, here's some quick tips to enhance your LinkedIn experience.

  • Your Photo - No really.  LinkedIn is considered a "professional resource" that means a photo of your cat might not be the best. However, a photo of your cat is better than no photo at all.  Post your photo.
  • Contact Information - Post it. If, for some reason we need to make a phone call to your office it might be a good idea for you to post your phone number...unless you're really not interesting in making a real connection. Same goes with other contact pieces.
  • Think Original - If you do a blog or have an opinion in your business it.  We understand it's tough if you work for someone else. But, if you can post original so. It helps.
  • Read the Content - LinkedIn offers up content that tends to be in your professional space. (Amazing what they know huh?) Take some time to read it...some great original ideas.
  • Don't Simply Recommend - We LOVE it when a person recommends any of our crew.  However, at the same time it's better to reach out and comment on more than just "Say congrats on a new job".  Which BTW is often not really a "new job".  LinkedIn has some issues when you update your profile. (See they don't know THAT much!).

You have some LinkedIn Tips too?  GREAT!  Feel free to make a comment and thanks for reading!


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