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So, You Wanna LinkUp?

We have this "love/hate" relationship to LinkedIn.  We love the  Linked In No Photo
opportunity to connect with individuals from all over the world and in different fields. Reading their original thoughts helps us grow and learn. The "hate relationship" is nearly equal. Most of the posts (90%) we see are not original thoughts.  They are posts written by others that our LinkedIn connections think are good...and nothing wrong with that. However what do YOU think? What do YOU have to say?  So, here's some quick tips to enhance your LinkedIn experience.

  • Your Photo - No really.  LinkedIn is considered a "professional resource" that means a photo of your cat might not be the best. However, a photo of your cat is better than no photo at all.  Post your photo.
  • Contact Information - Post it. If, for some reason we need to make a phone call to your office it might be a good idea for you to post your phone number...unless you're really not interesting in making a real connection. Same goes with other contact pieces.
  • Think Original - If you do a blog or have an opinion in your business world...post it.  We understand it's tough if you work for someone else. But, if you can post original thoughts...do so. It helps.
  • Read the Content - LinkedIn offers up content that tends to be in your professional space. (Amazing what they know huh?) Take some time to read it...some great original ideas.
  • Don't Simply Recommend - We LOVE it when a person recommends any of our crew.  However, at the same time it's better to reach out and comment on more than just "Say congrats on a new job".  Which BTW is often not really a "new job".  LinkedIn has some issues when you update your profile. (See they don't know THAT much!).

You have some LinkedIn Tips too?  GREAT!  Feel free to make a comment and thanks for reading!


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