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The Truth About Earned Media and Business

This is going to seem rather harsh.  But it's honest and time tested. Byron W.Moore  Shutterstock.com 

There are two realities for those of you who are endlessly writing press releases and offering up news items for the broadcast media hoping that they will notice you and offer your business some air time:

  • They Don't Have Time
  • It's Not Going to Happen

I know, that's pretty blunt but it's reality.  Reality unless you live in a small community with a single broadcast outlet or have a brother that works as the News Director in a larger city.

If you live in a community of any size the only way in which you'll see the broadcast trucks converge on your small business is if something dreadful happens in your lobby.  "If it bleeds...it leads."

In addition, if you work for one of the top employers in your community or if your business holds sway with regard to potential advertising you've got a much better shot.  

Now, don't blame the broadcast media. They are limited on time, talent and interest.  Often, even when the media shows up to do a business story on a small business, the final cut may not be the correct message or at least not the message that you were hoping for.

It's reality.

So, now what?

Nobody can tell your story better than you.  As my friend Dan McCue wrote recently, "Few will tell our story for us. Fewer will get the story right. That is why we blog."

There are endless ways in which you can do a better job telling your story.  Blogging is one, video is another, connection points in your community is yet another. Offering to become the "expert in your field" is yet another.  But, it all takes more work than picking up the phone or writing a press release.

We think if you are serious about your story...tell it and control it.  Let the broadcasters chase sensational while you chase business. (Photo Credit: Byron W.Moore / Shutterstock.com)