Teeny Tiny?
The Perfect Customer


I'm talking shoes and personal branding. Polished Shoes

I get it.  If you work in a cube or in tech or you're a professor or you are independently wealthy you can get away with looking unpolished...maybe. However when you're working on your personal brand and you're wanting to rise to the top of your game; spending a little time making sure you've got a polished footing helps.

And, this extends beyond the job interview.  Because once you have the job you want to continue to move up...right?

Amy Glass is a trainer and coach at Brody Communications Ltd. of Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, and an expert on presentation skillsbusiness etiquette, professional presence and interpersonal communication. She said in a recent interview with Peter Vogt of Monster, "Your image matters because it shows your attentiveness to detail and gives recruiters an idea of how you'll represent their company to clients, both internally and externally," Glass concludes. "The visual message you send makes a big difference in how you're perceived..."

That last line is all about personal branding and, in our mind, personal branding starts with polished shoes.  

It's the little things...


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