Wait! What?
What's Your Value?

No, Not Your Grocery Store!

Pepsi just launched a new mid-calorie drink but you'll not find it at your Pepsi True grocery store and it won't be at the local convenience store you'll only be able to get it at...wait for it...Amazon.com.

Seriously, no Pepsi True at your grocery store.

So, is this a big deal or a gimmick?  We think it is a seismic big deal because it points to the power of online vs. brick & mortar.  But there is more to this and that part has to do with saving launch dollars.

Pepsi saves money by not having to provide distribution to physical locations across the nation.  They won't have to pump up a traditional advertising campaign.  It's a very low cost roll-out.  And, if the soda catches on with consumers Pepsi has the option to move the product into brick and mortar stores...quickly.  And, this is cool, the money they save can be then spent in distribution and marketing.  In other words, they can "bank their savings" now and then...only if Pepsi True takes off...they can lay out the cash.  If it flops...no biggie.

Your take-a-way? Can you find alternative distribution methods to take your product or service to the consumer and then...bank your savings for a launch when it is accepted?


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