What's Your Value?

The Numbers...Just Stop It!

This is severely going to fly in the face of those of you who slice and dice Stop figureyour engagement metrics.  I know some business people who pour over the analytics, spending hours comparing last month to this month, how long a person lingered on their website, how many page views, what they looked at last before they were gone.

Stop it...

Go check the deposit tickets.

Did your marketing efforts result in more (wait for it...) sales?  If the answer is "yes" wonderful keep rolling forward.  If the answer is "no" let's start to pay attention to your message.  In other words does your marketing message match the needs of your target market?  Are you using the correct channels to reach your target audience? 

Don't get me wrong.  Your metrics can yield some valuable information but, from our seat, you might better spend your time with a focus on the message and the channel.  

But, hey, we're "old school" about those sales things.

Thanks for reading!