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The Power of Sharing

Our agency Insight Advertising, Marketing and Communications is the fuel behind the daily business news broadcast, Insight on Business the News Hour where we report on Yarn ONE usethe business news of the nation, region and the Des Moines Metro. 

Along with the business news of the day we also have a business interview or two.

One of the things we do is, following the interview, we send to the business we've just interviewed the link to the Radio Blog, the Podcast Page and several photos.  We tell our guests they can use them however they wish.  They can post on Facebook, on
their own website, share on Twitter...whatever it takes to get even more benefit out of their time behind the microphone.  Yarn Two

Here is a great example of doing it all well: (Go ahead and click the images!)

On October 15 we interviewed Beth Rowles from the Yarn Junction located in Valley Junction in West Des Moines.  Since then her interview has been downloaded over 500 times!  Here is a screen shot of our Podcast Page with the numbers clearly shown:

How was she able to boost the value of her 10 minute interview?

She did exactly as we suggested.  She placed a photo of her doing the broadcast on her website along with the interview...see.

Yarn threeThen she went to Facebook where she posted the same thing and notice that there were 1
3 shares of her post...which no doubt accounted for more downloads and listens.

Clearly she "got it" when it came to boosting the value of her time in studio and she did exactly as we suggested.  

Nice job Beth and Crew!!  Oh, you want to see that screen shot of her Facebook Page too?  

Here you go, click on the image. 


How to turn ten minutes into so much is the Power of Sharing!  Something for your business to remember when you've been in front of the media and you want to extend the value of your opportunity!