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DIY Can Be Brand Hara Kari

When it comes to marketing and advertising the Do It Yourself approach is fraught with danger.  Sometimes it can be "Brand Hara Kari" Here's an excellent case study:

Reliable Aftermarket Parts, based in Michigan, has been our client for some time. They were headed to Louisville for the National Farm Machinery Show this month...a first for them.  Every once in a while they get a "wild hair" and go outside of our creative, and have something done in-house or by a local printing company.

One of our long standing beliefs is "Can the Clutter" when it comes to everything.  People simply don't have time  And clutter can also be multiple images and fonts.  Here's a perfect example: (You can click on each image to enlarge.)

RAP NFMS First Look Jan 2015

It's the front and back of a hand-out that called attention to their booth and a special offer.

They sent it to us to see what we thought.  They agreed with our assessment and we, then, created this:

RAP NFMS Front Feb 2015

RAP NFMS Back Feb 2015

Point taken?


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