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Moving the Sales Needle

There's a bunch of advertising messages out there that are funny and Sales Needlememorable.   

The question your business should be asking is this: "Am I spending my advertising to be memorable or to move the sales needle?"

We hope you want more...sales of whatever you you are selling be it product or service. Here's a great example of something memorable:


No matter if you loved it or hated it...you remembered it. The problem was shipping for KMart actually went...down that season and so too did sales. The ad was memorable, funny, it was shared and commented on but...in the end...it didn't work.

In fact this past year Sears Holdings (Who now owns KMart) shut down 234 store locations that were under-performing most of them were...you guessed it, KMart.

What went wrong?  KMart, over the years has lost its identity.  Add to it that people are shopping differently and most "big-box" stores are seeing that result.

The point of this post is that you not only need to be memorable but also you've got to sell stuff.  You need to ask for the sale.  You need to demonstrate how, whatever you are selling, can benefit the consumer and then you need to follow through.

Move the needle.