Marketing With LinkedIn
How To Buy Stuff - Chapter Two

Own Your Space!

Most small, or owner managed, businesses simply don't have the resources Own It Wordsto cover all the media bases available. So what often happens is they "dabble" in several.  A little money goes to print, a little goes to radio, a little goes to television.  Then they add the "free stuff" the many social media platforms thinking they must be on everything because so many people use social media.  So they dabble in Facebook, Twitter, have a Blog, maybe Pinterest maybe LinkedIn. 

Dabbling rather than owning their space.  And, by dabbling they are hearing a great sucking sound and not much impact from their advertising. Spending lots and not getting an ROI.

If any of this sounds familiar.  I get it.  That's why you need to alter your marketing and "Own Your Space".

Once you identify where your target demographic is hanging out get in there and don't just "dabble", own it.  If it's print (newspaper) be there several times a week.  If it's radio be there in a rotation that will make it seem like you own the station. If it's television don't buy just one as many as you possibly can. not DABBLE.

Here's how you start.  Right now add up all the advertising you are currently doing:  Radio, Print (Newspapers to "Neighborhood Magazines"), Professional Online Listings, Trade Shows, Billboards, Google Ad Words, etc. The Chamber Membership that has never brought you a dime. Even include the High School Sponsorship you've been doing for ten years after your kids have graduated because you feel "a relationship".

Bet it's a pretty good chunk of change.

Now pick a media, one that is in concert with your target demographic, and "own your space".  Learn how to say "no" to everybody else until your seeing measurable ROI.  Then, and only then, move on to another media.

One other thing.  If you are "owning your space" in whatever media you use, make sure you alter your message.  Stay with the over-reaching theme but change things up so folks don't get tired of what you are saying. 

Thanks for reading!