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April 21st - Are You Ready?

There is an important business date coming up in April…and it’s not April Google Logo15th…but April 21st and it has nothing to do with taxes but everything to do with Google and your business.  What’s going to happen?

We believe Google will launch a new mobile crawler (probably with an Android user-agent) that can, and will, identify your site as being mobile friendly and tell the world if you are or are not.

What this means is when you do a search from a mobile device and get your results…if your site is not mobile friendly Google will flag it as such allowing the person doing the searching to know, at a glance, that there is no use in going to this site because they will have to pinch and squeeze their screen to figure out what’s on the page.

Up until now those of you that do not have a responsive website design perhaps have not seen any value in moving forward. That could all change drastically come April 21st when the new Google algorithm helps searchers decide…at the search screen that your site ain’t worth looking at…from a mobile perspective.

Friends…this is huge, huge, huge.  Sort of like when those of you who are on Facebook decided to plow all your marketing dollars into your business Facebook site and now realize that less than two percent of the people who like your page can…see it..without you paying Facebook to publish on a wider basis.

How do you KNOW if your site is mobile friendly?  Google has published a tool to help you learn if it is…or isn’t.  Here is the link to the Mobile Friendly Testing Tool.  All you do is put in your site’s URL and you’ll find out…

What if it isn’t…we need to talk…quickly or you need to talk…quickly… to your web developer.

And, you are welcome.