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Email Marketing - Don't Let Them Guess

Each Monday before Noon we send out an email update for our business IOB Newsletter Clicks Usebroadcast that targets over 500 business people in and around the Des Moines Metro.  We use My Emma and our open rate runs about 30%.

Several weeks ago I was troubled by the lack of "click-through" numbers for the various highlights in the body of the message. And, then it dawned on me that we were not giving good direction to the viewer.  In other words, the links were there but we were not calling out that fact often enough.  So we upped our game and, several times throughout the body of the message, we remind the viewer they can click to hear a podcast, check out an sponsor, make contact with our advertising agency and more.

The result was a dramatic increase in the click numbers.  We learned something:

Don't make people guess what you want them to do.  Point it out...over and over.  And, then, do it again.  "One and Done" doesn't cut it.

The image you see has the highlighted clicks for the most recent mailing. Studying these over the past several months lets us know what our audience is interested in and can help us better program the Business News Hour and our mailing efforts.

Hope this helps in your efforts!