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Like vs. Retweet

We love us Twitter! So much going on, so many people sharing so many cool things. However, Twitter Chat Image we've noticed a trend that we think you should know about.  It's the "Like" button vs the act of providing a Retweet of something that you "Like". Confusing?  We get it. 

A couple of Twitter Etiquette thoughts:

If somebody Tweets something and you want to share it with others it's best to Retweet and if you have enough space you might add a comment. And, when somebody takes the time to Retweet one of your posts it's always polite to reach out and say, "Thank you!".

When you "Like" something why not Retweet it?  When you do that it helps spread the word even further. For us, simply "Liking" a tweet is like a handshake after a date.  Sorry...but it was all I could come up with.

In the end, thank you for your "Likes" but if you really want traction take a moment and Retweet we'll all be glad you did!