Wait! Who is That?
It's About Relationships

Stop Advertising? Even if Your are Giving Away Money?

The other day I was listening to the radio and heard an advertisement for a business that gives Man Throwing Money away money...lots of money.  You would think that a business that gives away money wouldn't need to advertise yet there isn't a day that goes by where the Iowa Lottery isn't blasting away on radio, television and in print.

So now, let's talk about your business.

You may not be as well heeled as Terry Rich and my friends at the Iowa Lottery but it says a bunch about the need to keep plugging away, even when everybody knows your name.  So, how do you do it?  Here are a couple of tips to affordable advertising that you might want to keep in mind:

  • Go Local Chamber - If you have a business and you are hyper local stay connected, in person with your Chamber. Get involved. Your Chamber Membership is only an expense if you don't use it. When you do it becomes an investment;
  • Look for Bargains - Every media outlet has what we call excess inventory. It can be electronic or in print. Create a relationship with the sales people and you might get that call;
  • Become an Expert - Everybody has a question about nearly every business. Offer your expertise for civic functions become a media contact and share the knowledge. If folks know that you "know" they will ask for your input.
  • Start Your Blog - There is a reason Richard Branson blogs and recommends that every business owner have one: Transparency and Relationships - Your blog can build trust and be a place you can send people for answers;
  • Start a Social Media Campaign - But be smart about it and have a great understanding of where you should be and who you are trying to reach;
  • Buy Some Advertising - Two words of caution: 1) You may not buy just "any advertising" only that advertising where you KNOW your target consumer hangs out and 2) Get some help. When designing whatever advertising you are doing make sure it's done well and has a call to action otherwise give your money away..oh wait, that's where we started.

Excuse me...I've got to call Terry and see if he's got a good number for me on the next Powerball.