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Stop Advertising? Even if Your are Giving Away Money?

Wait! Who is That?

When a business advertises they are trying to connect with consumers. Sometimes their DMMAAR Imageconsumers are folks like you and me...we buy stuff...and sometimes it's an internal advertising meant to promote the company brand and those individuals who make up the working part of the brand.  Fair?

But, no matter what public a business is attempting to connect with the message needs to be...clear. That's the part that got us with this attempt by Iowa Realty of Des Moines. The company took out a full page (not cheap) ad in the Sunday Edition of the Des Moines Register. Lots of names and faces of eager realtor types in celebration of being "excellent"?  Well, that is what it says.  But go ahead and check out the ad...any question arise?  Go on, click on the image...I'll wait.


(Que Jeopardy music here!)

Time is up. Here's what we noticed: What the heck is DMAAR? Nowhere in the spacious advertisement does Iowa Realty identify who DMAAR is or why these folks are so "excellent". Maybe it's in the press release somewhere else?

Sometimes we get so locked into thinking that the general public knows what we know that we take it for granted EVERYBODY knows that DMAAR means Des Moines Area Association of Realtors...but then again...ask somebody who is in line to become president of the United States after the Vice President. And we suspect these folks were "excellent in 2015" because they sold a bunch of stuff...we suspect. 


Thanks for reading and remember, it's never a bad idea to 'splain something.