Reach vs. Action
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Facebook for Business - 5 Tips

So now that you know "Reach Does Not Mean Action" how can you get more action from your Number FiveBusiness Facebook Page?  Glad you asked. Here are five tips we use that might help:

Post Often - If your Business Facebook Page only has one or two posts a week it's not engagement. We recommend at least a daily post and/or if something is going on that is a major event you can post around that event leading up to it and during;

Bring Value - People love to be on the "inside" of any business. Post interesting "inside information" about your business, your people, your mission. Then offer your services and insight so others see value in following and engaging with your Business Facebook Page;

Video & Photos - People like visuals so use them in your post. "A picture is worth a thousand words" and it is true. You can even make your own InfoGraphic with tools like this from Canva;

Build the Conversation - Your Business Facebook Page shouldn't be a "one-way street". Respond to people, engage people with a survey, ask questions and answer questions. Build the conversation and your action will increase;

Pay Attention to Metrics - Your Business Facebook Page has lots of interesting metrics available for you to use. Note when most of your followers are online and clicking through to your posts and then make a note to post during those times as well. And, just because your business might be open from 8am - 5pm doesn't mean that you should forget your followers after business hours. That's when they may be checking things out;

There you go...Five Tips for Facebook that, if you use them, will boost the conversation and your activity.  If you've got some more...hit us up!  Love to hear from you!