The Business News Hour - The Friday Wrap
The Business News Hour - The Friday Wrap

Listen to The Pitch

There isn't a week that goes by where we don't get hit up to listen to "The Pitch". Sometimes it's a phone pitch or a webinar or a cup of coffee. Doesn't matter we always try to listen.  Why? Silver Bullet

Because it might be the "Silver Bullet" that will solve an issue we're having or bring up an issue we don't even know we might have. Or it might be a great idea for one of our clients.

True, you can't spend hours each day listening to all the pitches that come your way but if you're not giving the person a chance how can you make a decision? And if you make the decision to simply shut out any new idea by refusing to listen to the pitch you are doing your business a disservice. 

It's that simple.

Besides, and this is self-serving, we never know when the pitch might need some help in getting better.  And, in the end, that's what we do.

So, do you listen to each pitch or...keep them away?