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Why Not Both?

Recently I was visiting with a client who is considering a website.  I is 2023. It's a story...believe me. Anyway we were talking Man Thinking about how a website works, content and search engine optimization. For years these folks have had a weekly blog and he was asking why, if they have a blog out there, would they need a website.

The answer is pretty simple but often hard to understand for some folks. 

I explained that a website could offer some history of the company, what the mission is, how to make contact with decision makers, offer a calendar of events, etc.  He asked me, "So can't we just put that information in a blog then we would not need a website?" Trouble is, that a blog is...rotational. Yes, we could put that information in a blog but in a matter of weeks we would have to do it again because that particular blog would drop several issues down and many people are not going to scroll through several editions.

So, Why Not Do Both?

It's important that information on a website change from time to time otherwise The Google, or other search engines may not pick up the site because there is "nothing new".  When you incorporate a blog on the front page of the site you are actually changing content and, for a host of reasons, that's important.  In other words "static" can be bad for search engine optimization (SEO).

Of course there are additional SEO tricks and tools but if you are already doing a blog why not incorporate that on your site?  Or, conversely, if you have a website why not add a regular blog?  You don't have to do it weekly...maybe twice a month?  Not only will it refresh your website but you are now giving voice to what you do.

So...why not do...both?

Thanks for reading! 

Know Your USP?

For decades we’ve told our clients about the importance of staying on message. And, it’s one of the most difficult strategies to employ. So many times we see advertisers go off message because they pick up a hot new topic. While that’s not a bad idea if it collides with your USP you’ll end up confusing consumers.

So, what is a USP?  It’s your Unique Selling Proposition. In other words, what is it that your company does better than anybody else?  To be sure, this takes some real thought and that takes time.  Let me give you several examples of very successful USP ideal.

Kreamer Law USPSam Kreamer
is not only an attorney but also a CPA. His USP is this: “We get things done!” It seems that in his line of work many attorneys’ take so much time doing their job that often clients complain. He thought so much of his USP that it is also trademarked. (You can click on the image to enlarge.)

Von Maur is a regional high end department store that traces its beginnings back to 1872 and in 1928 became Peterson, Harned & Von Maur. Today, 37 Von Maur stores are scattered across 15 states: Alabama, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma and Wisconsin; and still expanding.   For Von Maur USP decades their USP has been, “Our only interest is you.” The firm does not charge an interest fee on their credit cards and when you visit the store the staff makes you feel like their only interest is in serving…you. Brilliant.

So, what is it that you do better than anybody else in your field and can you distill that activity into just a few words?  Do that and the rest of your marketing/advertising will be easy.