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December 2023

Reputation Marketing with Phil K. James

Google Reviews...matter. But it's difficult to get them. The usual way this works is that the business asks for a customers email. Phil James 25 March 2024 Sometimes you get it but far too often you don't.  If you do get the email that results in the business sending out a note asking for a positive review. You might get it but more than likely not because it's not "in the moment".

So, let's fix that and allow your customer to leave you a positive review moments after they have raved about the service, the food or the job.  How does that happen? Meet Phil K. James my friend and the owner of Good Milkshake Digital who for nearly 15 years has been helping businesses, mostly restaurants, with some great creative the drives customers.  Now, he has a system that allows your satisfied customer to instantly create a positive review which in turn moves you up the chain in a Google search.  How does all of this work?  Listen to our conversation from a recent segment of Insight on Business and learn. It will blow your mind...and it works.

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