Sunday Morning Coffee - August 14, 2011

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Anonymity Goes Away...At Last

The folks over at the Des Moines Register have had a change of heart.Man Exclaim   Four years ago when I contacted then editor Carolyn Washburn about the vile and disgusting things people write and then hide behind a phony persona she said it was something about "digital natives".  It was silly and I pointed that out, several times, over the years. 

It's true that I don't have the clout of Randi Zukerberg, sister to Facebook's co-founder Mark ZukerbergHere's her take on anonymity and why it must go...  Maybe the folks at Gannett were listening to her.  Maybe it was the linking of anonymity with the words bullying and harassment that got their attention.

Who they listened to really doesn't matter the good thing is that now if you want to write something vile and disgusting you'll need to have your name attached.  Congratulations to my friends at the Des Moines Register.  If you would like to read what they said about the change, here is the original article.



Sunday Morning Coffee & Other Thoughts

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Sunday Morning Coffee - A Change of Address

Hi friends...  We've moved Sunday Morning Coffee to it's own location.Coffee Cu ps   We're just keeping "opinion" and business follow just head to this link:  Sunday Morning Coffee and're on.

Today we've got a little politics, some great rumors, a little partly personal and a bunch.  Sunday Morning Coffee is always...HOT!

Thanks to our friends at the Des Moines Register for picking up the follow!


Sunday Morning Coffee - Moved - June 12, 2011

Sunday Morning Coffee, that weekly piece we do about politics,Coffee Cu ps  religion, and other stuff that makes people crazy...has moved.  We've got a new location and a different look.  Hope you make the jump.  We'll try to input past articles as we get time.  Today we've got Governor Rick Perry, Governor Terry Branstad, the Iowa GOP Straw Poll, Chuck & Carla Offenburger, Painting, Jesus and more.  Grab your cup right here!  And, thanks to our friends at The Des Moines Register...for following the jump!



Sunday Morning Coffee - March 20, 2011

Let's have a look at the past week and take a peek into next...sort of likeCoffee Cu ps  sitting down with friends over a hot cup of coffee and talking about "stuff".  We'll get back to business tomorrow...but for now...the coffee is served.

If there wasn't bad news...

From the happenings in Japan to what's going on in Libya, it's been an unsettling week.  Last week also saw ongoing protests in Wisconsin and Michigan and...Iowa.  There is no lack of news but I'm always in wonder at how many folks just tune it out.  The other day I bought a bottle of water and said to the "30 something" cashier, "I haven't seen the news over the past couple of hours.  What's going on in Japan?"  He said, "I don't watch, read or listen to the news...too depressing."  I didn't ask about his career path.

MPL Panera March 2011 Speaking of Career Paths....

This morning I needed to finish Sunday Morning Coffee but the thunderstorm we had in Des Moines cut our Internet.  YIKES!!!!!  what to do?  Head to Panera Bread on 86th in Urbandale.  Just a few blocks away...and we're live.   The career part?  Feeling like a freelancer who has an office at the bakery. Not that there is anything wrong with that... 

Worst Public Relations Move of the Year -Agriculture

This week the Iowa House moved forward with the passage of a bill designed to level criminal penalties on those who disclose criminal activity.  The bill, which is going to pass the Senate and be signed by Governor Branstad, makes it aPig  crime to go onto a farm, take pictures or video to expose cruelty issues among livestock.  It is the most bone-headed public relations mistake I've seen in years.  Rather than deal with the issues Iowa Lawmakers seek to keep things secret.  Out of sight out of mind.  Meanwhile the anti-animal agriculture public win by saying, "See they MUST be hiding something."  Dumb...really dumb.  But, then again, it's been a pattern of "dumb" and "silly" all session long.  Speeking of dumb but not too silly...

Kraig Paulsen Thompson "We Didn't Qualify"

Last week I asked the Iowa House Majority Leader, Kraig Paulsen (photo)why the House failed to pass the unemployment extension measure sent to them by the Iowa Senate on March 1.  He wrote a terse three word reply, "We didn't qualify."  So, I must then assume that the Iowa Senate, led by Majority Leader Michael Gronstal, acted fraudulently. Or the House, with my new BFF Chris Hagenow (he's my representative...for a bit) simply failed to meet the March 10th deadline and decided to tell over 7,000 Iowans to..."Suck it up!" That's would be another terse three word sentence.

It's Purim Today

The holiday started last night with great parties, story telling and a review of the Megillah.  You know, "The Whole Megillah".  You can find the story of Purim, which means "lots" in the Book of Esther.  Neat story.  This video is also very cool...


Israel is such a beautiful country.  Someday...again!

Aaron is Thirty-OneAaron Cooking burgers Moms

Partly personal:  Our son, Aaron Libbie, turned thirty-one yesterday.  If you're thirty-one this doesn't mean much...but if you are a parent of a "child" who is now past the age of get it.  Just like our parents said, "I can't believe how fast the time has gone!"  What goes around...  Love you son.

Spring & Home & Garden

It's Spring...and oh how we've missed you!  I tell folks that I've been cold since October.  With the Suzi McCoy rain and the warmer weather comes thoughts of working on the house and garden.  Last week we had Suzi McCoy with us for the Insight on Business News Hour.  Suzi heads up the Garden Media Group and she knows her stuff. People from all over the country...and other countries...tuned in to listen to her talk about the multi-billion dollar industry of lawn and garden care.  We also gave retail folks some tips on how to maximize their sales potentialHere is the link to the show from Webcast One LIVE complete with links...we had Suzi for the full hour.  Good stuff.

Speaking of Spring Home and Garden

There is a home and garden show going oSpotGone Bag n today here in Des Moines at the Iowa State Fairgrounds.  We're headed out in a bit to see our friends from NatraTurf and Hy-Vee.  Interested in moving away from chemical treatment of your lawn and garden?  If you head out there visit with Jon or Brian...and make sure you ask about SpotGone! - Got yellow spots in your lawn from dog urine?  Not any longer....  Maybe we'll see you there.

Renda Lutz & Twistival Tomorrow

Renda Our guest for Insight on Business News Hour with Michael Libbie is our friend Renda Lutz who is representing Twistival.  HUH?  Me too.  Renda is fun, engaging and easy to be with.  Join us for that and some of the local business stories during the Metro Monday Edition of Insight on Business.

That's it!  Need to vacate Panera and head to the house.  See if the sump pumps are still working.  If you have a comment leave one below, head to Twitter @MichaelLibbie or drop me an e-mail.  Have a great Sunday and we'll get back to business tomorrow.  Thanks for coming by.






Sunday Morning Coffee - January 23, 2011

Let's get warm with some Sunday Morning Coffee?  Not a bunch ofCoffee Cu ps  business news, Sunday Morning Coffee is more like that visit between friends at the local cafe or coffee shop.  The things, small and large, that made an impact last week and a peek into next.  And, because it's a conversation feel free to leave a comment below, send me an e-mail, connect on Twitter or visit my Facebook Page

I was looking over what I just wrote and thought back to a conversation I had with a person a couple of weeks ago.  He said, "You're the hardest person to find..."  My answer.. "Do you have a computer?"  He:  "Oh, I never thought of that..."

Thank You This was nice - Last week a friend and non-client called me with a question about his business.  He said he was not having getting enough traffic to his website and asked if it was time for him to start buying "traditional media".  (Here is the article I posted on the question and my answer.)  On Friday a package arrived with a gift card and a "thank you" note.  Classy...really.  Not expected nor asked for but it shows character.  Thank you...back.

This was rude - I was giving a seminar about the use of social mediaMan Business Puffed  for business.  The focus of the event was using SM to build relationships and how any size business can increase sales by listening and responding to consumersJeff Houden the owner of Select Publishing had this comment during Q&A: "I agree with you but you left out the most effective form of marketing to farmers and that is e-mail marketing, something we do."  And went on with his commercial...  Jeff, read the second sentence of this paragraph...  Yikes.

If you missed it, here is a brief video from Orlando and some comments from attendees:


Olbermann_10-5 This was scary - If you are a progressive your job may be in danger?  This week Keith Olbermann was relieved of his duties at MSNBC.  I enjoyed his caustic comments and I balance them with the caustic comments of Bill O'Reilly.  Ominous in this is the fact that he was the #1 rated anchor on MSNBC but that didn't mean much to the new owners of NBC.  The FCC approved the Comcast majority holdings of NBC and their first act was to remove Olbermann. Here is the story from Yahoo News.  

This was educational - His name is "Sam" and he was my driver whoSam Orlando  took me to the airport on Friday morning.  "Sam" is an interesting guy.  I asked him where he was from and when he said, "Uzbekistan" I answered, "Really, I was just reading about Uzbekistan and their farm trade shows.He was...shocked, "You know Uzbekistan?  The majority of people I drive have no idea and think I mean Pakistan."  We talked for 15 minutes about the people, culture, politics and economy of his country and then he said, "I'm driving now but I want to get into fashion design, it's what I did in Uzbekistan and I'm looking for a break here in the US.I hope so Sam...and welcome to the a place where anything is possible.  Thanks for the education.

"Sam" had to drive me because the Mears Transportation Group of Orlando failed to deliver on their end of a transaction.  (But they do have a fancy website.)  I had the 10:50AM shuttle reserved from the Doubletree Resort to the airport.  I had called to make sure they were on time and assured they were.  They were not.  At 11:10AM, fearing I'd John Maxwell 2 miss a flight, I met "Sam".

OK John Maxwell, we've got to meet! - Four times, while on this trip, individuals walked up to me and said, "You're John Maxwell!" or "Mr. Maxwell, I love your books." or "You've got to be him, you even sound like him!".  The Delta flight attendant, who's been on the job for 25 years, said, "Has anybody told you you look and sound like John Maxwell?  He and his wife have been on my flights in the past and I had to check the passenger list to make sure."  Really?   I just know John Maxwell is a great guy!  But, he wouldn't have been flying "Coach".


If you've not done so I'd encourage you to read the book, Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh one of the founders of Zappos. You should do this for several reasons:  1)  Learn how Tony "grew up" and became a leader.  It's not the primary reason he wrote the book but the messages are there.  2)  Learn how focusing on consumers/customers can build your business.  Not lip service .  3)  You can't copy the Zappos Culture but you can understand how to start building your own.  4)  It wasn't took work and personal sacrifice (see #1).    Here is the link to Delivering Happiness. 

I thought you might like this - Here is a photo of the "trays" used at theZappos Orlando AP  Orlando Airport.  You know...those trays you must put your shoesin...  I'd not seen this before but very cool and on message for Zappos.  So, matter what size your business what can you link to that puts your brand in front of folks that is also true to your brand?  Think about it...

From our "Boneheaded Idea of the Week" department - Seems Iowa lawmaker State Sen. Steve Kettering (R) Storm Lake, says that "...because most Iowan's have rejected the 55 mph speed limit..." we should raise it to 60 mph.  Sound reasoning.  Bet I could find evidence that says "...because most Iowa teens would like to see beer served in the lunch room..." we could consider lowering the drinking age to...what thirteen? Here is the story from the Des Moines Register.

I see that a NEW tradition has started in Des Moines - Central Iowa Bloggers (CIB) now meets in two locations; the Panera Bread on Panera U Normal University inWest Des Moines (original location) and Panera Bread Downtown.  The original group meets (very informal by the way) the first Friday of each month starting as soon as Andrew B. Clark gets there (about 6AM). The Downtown group meets, it looks like the 3rd Friday of the month...also early in the morning.  Spreading the word about business/personal blogging and...a friendship.  Very nice. Toilet 1 Jan 2011

While I was gone my bride painted a bathroom.  She does this kind of a thing often...when I'm gone.  Wonder if I left for a week what might happen?   Very cool and thank Bath after Jan 2011 you!!  Looks great huh - before and after shots.

Building market share before you open up your doors - They're back...  Our friends from Gusto Pizza Co. continue to build market share for the new restaurant long before the doors open.  Over the past 20 days they have been posting videos telling the story of "The Mothership" (their pizza oven) and casting their people in the leading roles.  If you want a text book case on how to secure a "tribe" in advance of you go.  Brilliant!  



Advertising and marketing people look at things...differently - evenDoubletree Orlando lighting  hotel rooms.  -It's because we're always viewing our world in the eyes of consumers...first.  While at the Doubletree Resort in Orlando I noticed a design flaw that I bet was created by men...approved by men and never considered by...a women.  The rooms here are very cool...but the "bath area lighting" needs help.  At the seminar I asked how many women in the group liked the bathroom and mirror area.  Not a hand went up...  Why?  Too dark for makeup and hair.  Trust me on this...  By the way...none of the guys "got it".

OK...going to get this out while it's still Sunday Morning.  Thanks for coming by and again, because it's a to hear from you.

Leave you with a TODAY:











Sunday Morning Coffee - 01/16/2011

Sunday Morning Coffee is that visit we have talking about the stuff thatCoffee Cu ps  went on in our lives or the lives of others.  What did we find funny, sad, serious or silly?  This isn't much about business...we'll get back to that tomorrow.  This is just coffee...with friends.

My friend Ralph Rosenberg is out of a job.  Ralph headed the Iowa Civil Rights Commission for seven years and when our mutual friend "Governor-for-Life" Terry Branstad returned to the Statehouse...Ralph was out.  It's much the same for many who worked under former Democratic heads of state.  I'm sure Governor Branstad will find somebody to take the job...or he'll suggest that it be privatized and give a contract to Mel Gibson.  Stay tuned.

SampleUp HyVee Jan 14 2011 You've heard of a "Tweet-Up" right?  How about a "Sample-Up".  That's what happened Friday evening at the Urbandale Hy-Vee where about 25 folks gathered to sample wine, cheese, hummus, bread and beer.  Oh...and buy some too.  A hat tip to @CDSills from @UrbandaleHyVee for doing this.  There were plenty of smiles in that isle...

Speaking of Twitter - Have you ever spent thirty-minutes looking at what folks are Tweeting about?  How many times they have Tweeted.  If they follow people or simply "broadcast" what they think is news?  Try it sometime.  Take a word...maybe "Iowa" and plug it into the search.  Some interesting insight on folks.  I feel a business blog coming on.

Been a tough week.  The Memorial Service from Tucson (Which localMan Fired  and national media decided was not important enough to broadcast in it's entirety so those without cable or satellite had to watch on-line.) was, I believe, a step to healing.  The news that Monks from Iowa crafted the casket for nine-year old Christina Green...another connection to the tragedy and listening to six people, whom I know well, that lost their jobs all spelled F-U-N-K.... No, not you Dave.  Sorry to bring it up.

I used to visit and study with my rabbi daily.  Now, since some very odd people decided (after six years) that he "had to go" we get together by phone twice a week.  Ya know...religion is a great thing, until people get involved.

Snap out of it Michael!

Our daughter-in-law took a leave of absense from her teaching job.  Burned out and scared at 26..."It's a horrible environment and the kids are beyond nasty."  It's what happens when inmates run the asylum and we lack the guts to fix what we all know is so very wrong with "the system".

OK...not getting much better huh?  At least I'm not going to write about "blood libel"...yet.  Or...maybe it's because I didn't get to go to the ball...


Two interesting things about the article from Politico:  1)  Speaker Boehner lost an inside battle for control of the RNC and 2) The Speaker of the House failed to attend the memorial in Arizona and opted toTobias Eichberg  attend to politics in DC.  I

My friend, Tobias Eichberg, has released his bookAg Trade Show Report 2011.  If you manufacture farm equipment, or provide services to agriculture and you attend "farm shows" this is a "must have" planning document:


You can reach Tobias online: to learn more about the book.

And...speaking of books - My long time friend John Benage, whoOak Grove Book  currently calls San Antonio home,  called me last week to help him with the publicity of his book, Oak Grove.  Seems that a publisher is interested in this piece about growing up in Rural America and he needs an agency to help out.  I was honored that he thought of us...thank you John.

Got your gun yet?  Here is an interesting report from our friend Kyle Munson from the Des Moines Register.

Sam Auen MPL This is Samuel Auen known around Twitter as @VegChefDSM and for his bitting no punches pulled Foodie Blog, Locally Grown.  (Photo is from a guest shot he did on our show, Insight on Business with Michael Libbie.) He is the "Ironman" of year round bicycling.  Three years ago he sold his car.  Seriously...Sam works as a sous chef at Cafe di' Scala near downtown but lives in Cumming about 12 miles south of the city.  He commutes, rain, sun, snow and ice on his bike.  It's guite the story...two pages by Mike Kilen in the Des Moines Register...check it out and all hail the mighty Chef and his mighty beard!

I think I'm workin' out of it!Toilet 1 Jan 2011

Last Sunday Aaron and I put in a "new" toilet -  Actually he did the work, I was there with the flashlight and words of encouragement.  It took us some time and I've got to finish the flooring...but check the price! $25 from the Toilet Price Habitat for Humanity ReStore!  The old toilet (pink!) the faucet and some other items now go BACK to the ReStore as a donation.  BTW - If you are looking for a tiny toilet for kids (when big people sit on this your knees are under your chin) it's at the store...later today.

Did you hear about Gusto's Pizza?  It's going to open in Des Moines...very, very soon.  Sounds like a fun time.  Have a look at the video:


OK...very cool.  Feeling much better!! 

That's a wrap!  Have a wonderful Sunday!  We'll get back to business tomorrow both here and at Webcast One LIVE - It's the Metro Monday Edition of Insight on Business and we're talkin' baseball!   Catch it live tomorrow at Noon Central.  If you want to continue the conversation leave a comment here (below), shoot me an e-mail, head to our Facebook Page or let's connect on Twitter - @MichaelLibbie (business & personal) or @InsightADV (business baby...all business).






















Jackass Letters - A Business Lesson - 01/11/2011

Insight on Business with Michael Libbie is our Monday - Thursday walkWebCastOneLive image  through the world of marketing, advertising, consumer trends and business.  We're here at Webcast One LIVE starting at Noon Central.  You can join in on the show conversation using "The Chat" or connect on Twitter @MichaelLibbie, which I monitor before, during and after the show.  Let's get to it:

Tom Laughlin Yesterday I was contacted by an independent film producer from Wisconsin who shoots documentary films for PBS.  He wanted some insight on the "Save the Maplenol Dairy Barn at Valley High School".  Tom Laughlin of Kovia Productions said he has a keen interest in what is happening here.   When we spoke, late last evening, he was making plans to come to Des Moines to shoot some footage.  We'll let you know.

Meanwhile the West Des Moines School Board had a meeting last night and about twenty supporters talked about why the barn should be saved.  Here is that article from the Des Moines Register.

Speaking of films - Yesterday I received a call from Wendy WeinerWendy Weiner Runge  Runge the film producer of The Scientist who has been charged with first degree theft in connection with that horrible mess with the Iowa Film Office.  But, is all what it seems?  We thought not six months ago...we're even more sure today.  Thomas H. Miller is handling the case for the state.  Former prosecutor Matthew Whitaker is the attorney for Weiner.  When we can...we'll share more.  But look for some interesting developments over the next several weeks.

Meanwhile there is "talk" about reopening the Iowa Film OfficeGovernor Terry Branstad has said they he is open to having the discussion.  But, it may be too late given the stain Iowa has received over this and the handling of the program it's doubtful that any serious producer will look toward the state.  And...that is too bad.

Our guest today is the wise-cracking editor and creator of Jackass Letters and we're going to learn a thing or two about consumers and Christopher Jorgensen customer service through his work.  Christopher L. Jorgensen is the creator of Jackass Letters a satirical but often serious mirror into the world of corporate redundancies when it comes to communicating with consumers.  (Did I just run all those words in that sentence?  Impressive...) We'll talk about the letters he sends and what he gets back.  The list of companies reads like the Fortune 500 with a couple of politicians thrown in for good measure.  What is it business can learn from...Jackass Letters?  We'll share it all today.  Christopher L. Jorgensen with Insight on Business.





Sunday Morning Coffee - January 9, 2011

Grab a cup and let's get into Sunday Morning Coffee...  Not a bunch ofCoffee Cu ps  business news (we'll get back to that tomorrow) this is a collection of stories that we'd no doubt talk about over a cup of "Joe".  Lots going on...and because it's a conversation feel free to drop me an e-mail, leave a comment below or let's connect on Twitter:  @MichaelLibbie  OK?  Let's go!

Governor-Elect Terry Branstad is going to have his hands full...with his own party.  New Republican members of the Iowa House are frothing at the bit to tackle all sorts of "social issues" from slashing social service budgets, marriage equality, death Iowa Capitol penalty and the removal of the remaining four Iowa Supreme Court Justices.  None of which the new governor wants any part of.  He wants to focus on the economy and jobs, both of which show improvement.   For example, Iowa just posted it's 14 consecutive month of economic recovery.  Not bad for a state where "the sky is falling".  Going to be an interesting 2011 General Session....Jason Glass

Wonder if anybody has visited with Jason Glass, the new director of the Iowa Department of Education?  With the GOP in control of the House and the Governor's Office the Platform of the Republican Party could come into focus.  Some issues that should interest my new Twitter Friend from Ohio might be:

  • The elimination of the Iowa Department of Education; (wait a minute....)
  • The teaching of creationism in the public schools;
  • The right of anyone to carry a firearm into any schoolroom
  • The elimination of "mainstreaming" special needs children.

Welcome to Iowa...just like, we've got four letters.

Congratulations...  Now that the economy is improving gas prices are headed back up.  Here is Des Moines it's two cents away from $3.00 a gallon.  A price that Michigan, and maybe Ohio, would love.

Remember when "Right on Red" became pretty much the law in all 50 States?  What was the reason?  It was an effort to save fuel during the energy crisis of the 1970's.  That's 30+ years ago.  Wonder when some drivers here is Des Moines will figure out IT'S OK TO TURN ON RED!  Grumble....

Barn-101 You've heard of the movement to "Save the Maplenol Dairy Barn" right?  Seems the City of West Des Moines and the West Des Moines Public Schools don't care for this reminder of...history and agriculture.  The city gave the approval to the school district to rip down the decades old barn for (you get to pick):  A) "Green Space"; B) New athletic fields; C) "It's old...and we just don't do 'old' in West Des Moines."  Or...all of the above.  So far well over 1,500 people have joined the Facebook Page and hundreds are signing a petition.  That's in less than a week.  Given the fact that school board elections usually bring out five or six voters...this could get interesting.  If we can bust out three Supreme Court Justices this should be a cake-walkHere is our post from Friday about why the barn "must" go.  Hint:  It does not fit the brand of West Des Moines...Pieathlon Logo

I had a meeting last week with the folks from Penny's PieathlonHUH?  Actually it's now called the Pieathlon a very cool fund raising event to fight cancer.  In previous years they have raised about $10,000 a year.  This year...the goal is $40,000 and 1,000 participants.  Wanna help us?

I just had a thought about Kate Walsh...


You're welcome.Palin HitList

Yesterday Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) was shot during a public forum at a Tucson grocery store.  While, this morning, she clings to life six others are dead including a 9 year old girl, a federal judge and a congressional staffer.  Bloggers and the media from across the platform are casting an eye in the direction of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin who asked her followers to "reload" following the 2010 Mid-Term Elections and targeted Giffords and other U.S. House Members with this image from the Sarah Palin Facebook Page.  Following the shooting on Saturday the image was taken down and Ms. Palin offered condolences to the family.

Kent Sorenson IAFor years you and I have been subjected to talk radio that has fed us fear and loathing.  For years we have witnessed talking heads, political candidates and political party leaders use violent rhetoric to describe their agenda.  Here in Iowa Kent Sorenson told the media that he was going to the Iowa Senate to "burn the place down".  What have we become where party leaders, the news media, you and I sit silent in the face of such hate and calls to violence?  

The way we go about the business of politics and public discussion must change.  It can no longer be "open season" on the ideals and the lives of those with whom we disagree.

IF you are still with this...and reflect a bit:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

See you tomorrow - Insight on Business with Michael Libbie - The Metro Monday Edition, part of Webcast One LIVE.

Thanks for coming by...