Health Care Reform & Business

Yesterday we visited with Brian Gillette of Group Benefits Limited about the business of health care and the impact of health care reform on your business.  Here is a clip from the show:


And there was so much more:

  • The most significant changes in the new law that business may not realize;
  • Why we can't seem to get a handle on health care costs;
  • What business needs to do now to protect employees and the business;
  • Cost estimates for individuals and business owners.

It was a full hour of news and information and it was on Webcast One LIVE.  If you're interested in the full show, here is your link to watch.

If you would like to carry on the conversation leave a comment here, join me on Twitter @MichaelLibbie or @InsightADV or shoot me an e-mail.  Insight on Business with Michael Libbie is a Monday - Thursday business news hour dealing with marketing, consumer trends and business practices seen live at Noon Central and anytime using our podcasts.  

Thanks for coming by.



Why Today Matters

Today, images of Norman Rockwell are etched in the minds of many.  You know the painting.  For some that is Thanksgiving, for others it'sThanksgiving Family  something they have never experienced...or will.

Does that mean Thanksgiving shouldn't be celebrated...because it can't be "picture perfect"?  No.  We should all celebrate Thanksgiving.  The Thanksgiving that matters.

The Thanksgiving that honors the struggles of so many.  The day that lifts up the hard work you are doing to make a difference for yourself and perhaps your family.  A day to celebrate creativity, meaning and purpose.

A Thanksgiving for us all.

Thank you for all you do and all you will do.  Thanks for reading this over the past several years and for the many connections we've made.

Be grateful for today....and then carry that over to tomorrow because, every day is a day that...matters.





Getting Groped for Christmas...

Sometimes things come along that just BEG to be discussed.  As everybody knows the fearless TSA has instituted new guidelines for air travel.   From full body scans to full groping.  And folks are "mad as hell".  But there is some measure of fun...

Here is a new holiday song from our friend Roxi Copland.  We love it and thought you should have a look.


Finally, how would you like to be the marketing/media person for the TSA?  Talk about a job nobody would want. other small fact.   When I flew out of Israel there were no metal detectors, no full body scans, no groping... Only highly trained professionals who know what to look for and what questions to ask.

We could learn a thing or two from our friends.  Have a great Thanksgiving!




Sunday Morning Coffee - November 21, 2010

Sunday Morning Coffee is our editorial on various events andCoffee Cu ps  happenings that took place last week.  We also take a peek into next.  Some call this the "scattered thoughts of a cluttered mind" and that's OK too.  We'll get back to business tomorrow...but for now, have a sip?

Funny how things change.  Sixty-Five years ago the labor unions and farm equipment manufacturers joined forces to combat the evils of the Axis Powers.  Today, in many of these family owned businesses, one must be careful not to utter the "five letter word" union.  Here is a look at a vintage poster I found on a recent video shoot in Northwest Iowa.


I want that poster!

Today is the 21st day of the month of November.  Republicans, just a scant 19 days ago, won a 20 seat majority in the Iowa House of Representatives and since that time we have learned that Iowa is on the brink of...disaster.  (Pay no attention to the fact that Iowa, from Girl Vintage Image outside our borders, continues to be the wonder child of the 50 states.)  Talk of "bread lines", cutting of benefits, canceling university sabbaticals, cutting the vehicle state's fleet of vehicles, and other predicted horrors are on the tongue of the newly elected House Speaker, Kraig Paulsen.  The sky is falling and there is no telling what might become of our children!  Hold on kids...this is going to be interesting.

Meanwhile the GOP paragon of virtue, Newt Gingrich, has come to Iowa to lecture us on morality and the change that is coming to America.

However, some positive news came out of our state this week.  The United States presented Iowan and Staff Sgt. Sal Giunta the Medal of Honor at a White House Ceremony. It's quite a storyGiunta MoH  from about a humble man and placing others before himself.  Here is the text of the speech.

Our son is coming over to the house later today and we shall sit shiva for the Iowa Hawkeye Football Team.  Yesterday they lost to Ohio State 20 - 17.  It marks the fourth time this year the Hawks defense has allowed a final drive to sink hopes of the hopeful.  Four a total of 15 points.  Maybe the sky IS falling.

Wanna see the business end of voice over work?  Here you go:


We get asked all the time, "So what do you DO?"  Thought we'd show you just one aspect.

I was in Mason City this weekend...nice folks at Adas Israel who are trying to make a difference.  Thanks for allowing me to be part of it these past 20+ years.

Speaking of religion, here is an interesting story about Christian teachers who work for an Islamic school...hey, it's Iowa.

I find myself walking from one room to the other looking for stuff...and sometimes that "stuff" is already in my hand.  Is it age or is it just that  I've got so much rolling around up there?  Grumble.Courtney and Tank 2

We did a neat photo shoot this is our model Tank with his Mom, Courtney.  Oh, wait...  Here is our model Courtney with her dog, Tank.  Is that better?  Nice job kids!

Tomorrow is Metro Monday with Insight on Business and we're out to prove that Des Moines is not...boring.  It's not a big task but it will be fun.  Our guest tomorrow is Pete Jones who writes as DesMoinesIsNotBoring.  Hey, we're to do the work on others.   Insight on Business tomorrow at Noon Central only at Webcast One LIVE!

I was just about to send this off...and looked again at the date.  Something about it struck me and then I remembered:  Tomorrow marks the 47th anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy.  Forty-Seven years...I remember it like it was yesterday.

That's it...going to push this out the door.  I know I've forgotten loads of stuff...that's why, if you want, we can keep the conversation going:  On Twitter it's @MichaelLibbie (personal and business) or @InsightADV (business and, one of them "Facebook Thingys" too.   Have a great Sunday...


















The Business Cost of...Politics

Spending for the 2010 Mid-Term Elections is projected to reach $3.8 to $4.2 billion.  That's up from $2.5 billion in 2008.  Lots of passion driving lots of money.  But, while local radio and television stations are gobblingElection Signs  up the cash.   What impact does this have on...your business?

Here is a typical case.  This weekend I was talking to a small business owner (I do this stuff everyday) and in the middle of his, "Ya know, I just don't know what works when it comes to advertising." speech (I hear that everyday too...) he said, "I can't even buy advertising during the political season.  They push up the cost so high I can't afford to buy radio ads."

There is some food for thought:  While candidates are using the airwaves to tell lies and half can't afford to market their goods and services.

In this case the owner tells me he was buying thirty-second ads in the "early morning news" for about $30 each.  When Campaign 2010 (Also known as the Lie Express) cut loose ninety days ago his costs went to $80 for the same thirty-second ad in the same day-part.  I've been hearing this from so many business people I've lost count.

If you took our advice and bought might not be in this situation.  However, it's pretty bad when politics stands in the way of doing business let alone drive down retention of ads...because so many folks are so very tired....what think you?



Sunday Morning Coffee - October 24, 2010

Sunday Morning Coffeeis our editorial look at stories that impact what has been going on over the past week and a peek into next.  Business?Coffee Cu ps   Maybe a little, but mostly scattered thoughts from a cluttered mind.  And, because it's a conversation I'd like to hear from you.  You can comment on this post, connect on Twitter - @MichaelLibbie or send me an e-mail.  That way we can keep the conversation going.  Let's get started....

I voted last week.  Iowa allows early voting so I headed to the Urbandale Public Library and cast my vote.  It took about 10 minutes and there were maybe 25 people who came and went during my time there.  Downside:  It doesn't stop the "Robo-Calls".

What the hell is with NPR?  It's been all over the news about the firing of Juan Williams and, frankly I was stunned.  When Don Imus was fired for his "nappy headed hoes" comment, I understood.  I get it when Helen Thomas is fired for her inflammatory retoric about Israel.  I didn't Crazy Alum Hat so much get it when Rick Sanchez was fired for his comment about Jews...he was stupid...but I don't think mean spirited.  But this?  Juan Williams, if you read listen or see the entire dialog between he and Bill O'Rielly, was being careful to NOT disparage Muslims.  He was being honest and I think many folks might actually agree with his sentiments of being a bit fearful or at least wary of people who so outwardly in their dress identify themselves as Islamic.  I know of no other ethic group that outright calls for the killing and murder of you...or me.  OK, to be sure, that faction is said to be only 1% of the Muslim population.  But, with 1.66 billion Muslims in the world we've got 1.6 million folks to worry about.  This "hyper-sensitivity" we are experiencing reminds me a bit of the "gotcha days" of the McCarthy Era. Meanwhile NPR CEO Vivian Schiller commenting on the firing suggests to the media that the Williams comments should have been between him and, "his psychiatrist".  There you go Vivian...that is truly high journalistic ethics.  She later was forced to apologize.  (And you are this week's winner of the "Crazy Hat Award") Should Juan have been fired years ago for not staying on the "party line" of NPR.  Perhaps and they had every right to do so...however this was bad, really bad because it also gives the nut jobs on the far right something to crow about.  I get weary.

I Get Weary - Part Two... "I wonder who put this pubic-hair on my Coke can?" was back in the news.  The wife of Justice Clarence Thomas calls Anita Hill and asks her to recant her 21 year old story about the sexual harassment issues swirling around the confirmation hearings of Justice Thomas.  "Let's make up girlfriend..."  You have got to be kidding.  Speaking of psychiatrists...

Maybe it is the "End of Days"...

It is the "End of Days" for many small and medium size business owners.  No, it's not taxes, it's not health care costs, it's not a lack ofEmpty Store 1's ignorance.  They know nothing about advertising and marketing but...think they do.  And "When They Won't Listen" to professionals who do...the end is clearly in sight.  Have a read and let me know your thoughts?

Later this morning there is a Candidate Forum at my brother's congregation.  Professor Dennis Goldford from Drake University is the moderator.  I believe Governor Chet Culver and Congressman Leonard Boswell will be there.  Terry Branstad and Brad Zaun had scheduling conflicts.

Levitt Here is Jeff, Marsha and Rafi Levitt owners of The Oasislocated 30 feet north of Court Avenue on 4th Street in Des Moines.  Cool place with mediterranean foods. I was there last night and the fried goat cheese and falafel is....WONDERFUL.  If you are in've got to go.  515-228-4502 for directions, hours and reservations.  Great for lunch too!  (Not all smiles huh?  Give them a was the end of a long day.)  They tell me they have been swamped the past two weeks...and with seating for only 34 people best to get there early.

A mixed bag of news for Webster City, Iowa as citizens learned this morning that the man who is bringing a new electric car manufacturing plant to the city has a troubled financial past.  Webster City, reeling from the closing of an appliance manufacturing plant, says..."Bring it on, we need the jobs."  Here is the article from the Des Moines Register.

Staying with the Des Moines Register for a moment...  We told you about this group a couple of weeks ago.  The America Future Fund is spending millions of dollars on attack ads in an attempt to oust several democratic congressman.  Will it work?  The funny thing is, I know Bruce Rastetterof Iowa Falls and he is a regular quotable person on W-GOP (Opps...I mean WHO-Radio) here in Des Moines.  Spending...millions, here is the Des Moines Register story.

On Tuesday I get to travel north to Ankeny, Iowa (a long journey of 15 miles) to speak at the Ankeny Rotary Club about marketing, advertising and social media.  Should be great fun.  My friend Steve SchraderBachar of Wells Fargo Mortage set it up.  That, of course means we'll be doing a re-run of Insight on Business here at Webcast One LIVE.   Bring questions...

In a couple of weeks I'm Dallas bound.  No, not Dallas Center, Iowa... the "Big D" for the Farm Equipment Manufacturers Associationfall conference.   Looking forward to it...that is a week long journey...must find a guest host for the program and maybe do a broadcast from Texas.  Hmmmm....

Thanks for coming by for a read.  We'll get back to business tomorrow have a wonderful Sunday and let's connect and keep the conversation going on Twitter, I monitor @MichaelLibbie (personal and business) and @InsightADV (business baby...only business)  Take care!










Sunday Morning Coffee - October 10, 2010

Sunday Morning Coffee is a look at the week we've finished and a peekCoffee Cu ps  ahead to what we might expect.  It's not so much about advertising and marketing as it is a conversation about on-going stories that we're experiencing, together.  Think of it as a visit over a cup at the local coffee shop.  (Actually this is a series of scattered thoughts from a cluttered mind.)  And you're invited to take part.  Comment below, send me an e-mail or join me on Twitter @MichaelLibbie and let's continue the conversation.  We'll get back to business tomorrow but for now...

America future fundRonald Daniels of Des Moines asked me to attend a fund raiser for candidate Ben Lange who is running against Bruce Braley in Iowa's 1st Congregational District.  I didn't know much about Ben until I did some digging.  I'll pass.  Ben has been well funded by $800,000 from "secret donors" and the American Future Fund.  I figured I didn't want to be secret.  And, I wasn't a fan of the "Swift Boat Folks" either.  Link?  Have a look at this report from the Iowa Independent.

WHAT is it with me?  Politics right out of the box...  YIKES!  We've GOT to get past November 2nd!

The 2010 Harvest is clicking right along.  To date we've had 12 days without rain.  TWELVE DAYS and the outlook is dry for the next five.  I was traveling last week into North Central Iowa and talking with producers who tell me the soybeans are looking good but the corn crop yield is disappointing.  YOU?

However...  I'm hearing rattles of the "Food vs. Fuel" debate raising it's ugly head...again. They don't call it the "Silly Season" for nothing...Denison Don

One of those Rural Iowa trips was to Denison, Iowa; hometown of Donna Reed by the way.  (I do what I can for my trivia friends.)  I was there to address the annual breakfast gathering of the Crawford County/Denison Chamber and Economic Development Council about personal and business branding and how to use Social Media as another tool for business.  Great fun and a fantastic group.  Thank you executive director Don Luensmann (photo) for the invite.  SOME of you might remember "Lil' Donny" from his broadcasting days at 94.5-KKEZ and Fort Dodge or from his work with the United States Junior Chamber of Commerce.  He's still doing...great work.  Thanks Don!

Cronks Quick side note:  We met at Cronk's Resturant a place I'd been to back 1982.  When I arrived the owner came up to me and said, "I've met you before!"  Eric, what a memory...or did I do something really stupid 28 years ago?  We'll leave that alone.  Thanks to Roadfood for the image.

Today is the final day of the World Food Festival being held in the East Village of Des Moines.  Just saying...if you are in the area...drop in.

Did you know that Tom Peterswas speaking in Ankeny, Iowa last week?  Yep, I was doing Insight on Business with Michael Libbie and Tom was speaking at the 2010 Iowa Advanced Manufacturing Conference.  My friend Mike Wagner went and had some one-on-one time with Mr. Peters.  He tells me that during his speech Tom Peters asked the 400+ people if they were in the Customer Service Business...not many hands went up.  He then went on to share with them why they were.  Good stuff...sorry I missed it.  I live through you Mike.

Old Telephone Cutting the Cord? - Marc Hansen of the Des Moines Register has this article about the growing trend of cutting out land lines for telephones and going "cell only".  In 2003 less than 5% of the households had cell only homes.  Today that number is 25% and growing.  The impact?  How about 911 calls?  There is an's called Flarecaster created by my friend Robert Hidajat of Ames, Iowa.  Have a look, it might be what saves a life in your cell only home.

Last night the Iowa Junior Chamber (Iowa Jaycees) held their annual Outstanding Young Iowan Awards Event.  I was asked to attend and do a little work.  Thank you.  The awards went to Iowa State Senator Jeff Danielson, football great Kurt Warner, uber community service leader Melissa Schoneberg of Habitat for Humanity - North Central Iowa in Mason City, Iowa and Hispanic Community Organizer Max Cardenas.  It was a wonderful evening.  Here is a quick video featuring United States Jaycee President Jeff Lank of Delaware and President Jennifer Gracey of the Iowa Jaycees.


Between age 18 and 41 and want to make a difference in your life and the life of others?  Check the Jaycees.  Oh...the "old guy" in the final portion of the clip?  Newton Standridge, one of the best in Iowa. Yes, we're well above 41...yet HE is mega involved in the JCI Senate.  Thanks again for the invite!

One more?  President Jeff Lank is from Delaware.  Last night I said, "I now know three people from Delaware:  President Jeff, the former Senator and current Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden and Christine O'Ddonnell a woman who wants to be a United States Senator.  I don't get them mixed up, it's easy to understand which is witch."  Well, I thought it was funny.

Like Rodeo?  Want to travel?  Enjoy the Cowboy Experience? The Rodeo Hat Company is for sale.  My friend Les Fevold out of Humboldt, Iowa will sell you his business...very attractive pricing.  He tells me he's tired of the travel...he's a great guy.  Interested?  Contact me and we'll put you together.

Hebrew brother My brother, Yoni Libbie has a birthday this week!  Happy Birthday, Achi!

That's it kids...  Have a wonderful Sunday it's 10/10/10 that has got to be a good sign?  Catch you tomorrow with Insight on Business with Michael Libbie only on Webcast One LIVE!  In the meantime let's connect through our website: or Twitter: @MichaelLibbie and yes, we also have one of those Facebook Thingys. ;-)










































Sunday Morning Coffee - September 5, 2010

The pot is on!  Sunday Morning Coffee is a collection of scatteredCoffee Cu ps  thoughts from my cluttered mind.  Some business but mostly short musings on the happenings of last week...and a peek at the coming week.  Sunday Morning...a great time to visit.  And, because it's a conversation I'm interested in your take.  You can leave a comment here or send me an e-mail or visit me on Twitter @MichaelLibbie.  Grab your cup...let's go!

Labor Day Weekend - I got to thinking about this while putting up the CIO_logo American Flag late Friday afternoon.  It's the holiday that, today, seems to have lost it's meaning.  My Grandfather wouldn't be pleased.  Frank Gausche (OBM) was a union organizer for the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO) in the 1930's and 1940's.  Those, according to my Mother, were the "tough years".  "He would come back from Chicago battered and bruised but determined to fight for the working man and woman."  I don't remember my Grandfather, he died the year I was born...but oh the stories.  Today Unions are, to many, the enemy, the picture of graft and corruption...and that's sad.  If it were not for folks like my Grandfather you would be working 60 - 70 hours a week for peanuts, no weekends or holidays off...and benefits?  Forget it.   Labor Day...thanks Zaydee for your efforts and for helping to improve the lives of millions.

I love it when employees of any business go out of there way to serve.  Friday, afterNeris Car Wash being at the Farm Progress Show, I took "Pearl" to Mister Car Washat 86th and University in Clive.  This is a photo of Neris, the guy who greets customers and asks which wash you want to buy.  After  making my selection Neris said, "Thank you sir.  Is there anything else that I can do to help or assist you?"  I was...amazed.  An employee asking a customer if he could do...more than his job?  Memo to the suits:  You STILL think that YOU are in control of your BRAND?  Nah... it's the workers.  When you "get that" you'll drive business and your brand to new highs.

Speaking of the Farm Progress Show -

I know...silly and stupid.  (But at least I am willing to share.)  We did make it out of the parking lot, thanks to a golf cart shuttle worker roaming the isles with us, but were late to our next shoot by ten minutes.  Memo to self - Write down the Parking Row Number!

I feel like a Bedouin - without the goats.  "The Move" is over.  We recently purchased a home 1.2 miles from our other home.  "The Move" took nearly four days mostly AFTER working hours.  Thursday morning at 4:30AM we packed the last load.  My bride decided it was best to stay up and go to work.  I got three hours of sleep before heading to the Farm Progress Show where I had to appear "bright".  Key word...appear.  I do not want to do this...again...ever.  Now, if I could just find my underwear...

Of course there are other things missing that I might find in my reading glasses.  I stopped at Target in Urbandale to pick up a pair so I could...SEE.  The Foster Grant glasses are nice however, somebody at Foster Grant failed to understand packaging and their core customer.  Watch this:

I've seen this dozens of times.  What happens is that business focuses on the look, the ease of display, the "bright and shinny" and forgets Max Crabb Flag about the consumer.  You have a story like that?   Send it to to hear from you.

Tip of the Hat to our producer Maxwell Crabb for guest hosting my show, Insight on Business with Michael Libbie over at Webcast One LIVE.  Hard to be in several places at the same time and...because the show is...LIVE it's difficult to be gone.   His guest was Cortney Tompkins and I'm sure the two of them caused our ratings to go way up!  Thanks rock!

I'll be calling on Max or another host for this Thursday.  It's Rosh Hashana the Jewish New Year ( party hats and horns - to some that will be very funny...).  It is one of the holiest days of the Jewish Calendar and I'll be in Mason City at Adas Israel where I've done monthly services for the past 26 years.  For those of you marking and observing the New Year... L'shana Tova!  For those of you wanting to know more...ask...or you can read this.

Ed Raygun My friend Ed Weintrob from Coney Media in Brooklyn (New York) will enjoy this piece of news out of Des Moines.  Seems his favorite t-shirt maker Raygun, who produces humor oriented t-shirts with an "Iowa theme" got in some hot water with the city of Waterloo.  City officials and critics said they went "too far".  The shirt that was printed with, "Waterloo - You may recognize us from COPS."  City leaders said it was offensive, Raygun said OK and pulled the shirts after printing only 24.  Here is the complete story from the Des Moines Register. That's Ed with his daughter on a recent Iowa trip wearing some shirts from Raygun.  Told you he was a fan.

Our granddaughter, Taylor, came over to do a "sleep over" last night.  Shhhhh...she's still sleeping!   I thought with all the boxes, and stuff all over the place from "The Move" she would freak...but then again her Mom and Dad just moved....too.  Bedouins I tell you.   But, she does have this really neat baby monitor that makes "wave" sounds like at a beach complete with birds.  Gotta get me one....

Sec. Northey Remember when I wrote about my friend, Iowa's Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey and the Iowa Egg Issue?  I said this would land, somehow, at his feet.  Yep.  Bloggers are all over it with some scathing editorial.  Here is a sample from Bleeding Heartland.  Contrary to the editorial Secretary Northey has spoken at length about the issue and soon after it happened.  I spoke directly to Dustin Vande Hoef and then listened in as Mr. Northey explained the facts of the case.  We're trying to re-book the Secretary for an upcoming program...keep you in the loop.

Going to put this out....before Sunday Morning gets away.  As always, interested in your comments so you can leave one here, send me an e-mail or we can do this on Twitter:  @MichaelLibbie.  Thanks for reading and have a fantastic Labor Day Weekend!!



















Sunday Morning Coffee - August 22, 2010

Kids of all ages gather around!  It's Sunday and that means the pot is on with some SundayCoffee Cu ps Morning Coffee.  Here is a look back at the week that was and forward to see what we'll be doing and talking about in the coming days.  Consider it scattered thoughts from a cluttered mind.  Let's' go!

For those of you in Des Moines it looks as if the "Merle Hay Auto Mile" is getting shorter with the announcement that Stivers Merle Hay is closing and moving west to their super store in Waukee.  The outward migration continues...  Consolidating their business makes sense, it's the trend after the recession.  Wonder what convenience store will go there?

American-airlines-logo American Airlines

They announced last week that there will be an added fee if you want to sit toward the front of COACH CLASS.  I share this with you to prove the fact that boneheaded moves can come from big business as will as "Mom & Pop".  Charge for bags?  Check.  Charge for snacks?  Check.  Charge for pillows?  Check  Charge for the privilege of sitting against the bulkhead with your knees under your chin?  Check.   Next up:  "Oh, Mr. Libbie, you want to sit down during the flight?"

Please, Southwest...come to Des Moines...  Please.

I see where "I want to be Governor For Life", Terry Branstad wants to shutter the Iowa Department of Economic Development and create a private/public partnership even though the department has been wildly successful in bringing some major players Google, Microsoft, etc. to Iowa.  Where have we heard this before?   Come on kids...put your thinking caps on. is a hint:  "Social Security".  You're on your own after that.Gov Culver Steer Show

Meanwhile...and I don't do politics...Governor Chet Culver did get some applause at the Governor's Charity Steer Show at the Iowa State Fair.  Not much...but you have to understand the crowd.  Agriculture folk hate the governor.   They are not really sure why...but they do and it's...weird and frankly, disrespectful.  You guys know better than that. (Photo: Flicker - Gov. Chet Culver)

Sad note!  Today is the final day of the Great Iowa State Fair - 2010...  I was only on the "Hollowed Ground" twice this year.  My bride believes there are more important things to do like pack and move...  Jeeze! 

Drum roll....   Come on you can do it!  Last Thursday during Insight on Business with Michael Libbie we showed you the weekly winner for "The Worst Ad of the Week".  I do not want to leave you in the dark you go.  One word:  Creepy.

Are you OK?

My friends over at The Des Moines Egotist carried the story on Friday.  I want to thank you guys for watching our show!!  ;-)  Oh...and I hear that they just may feature ME in tomorrow's Fly Strip edition.  ("I was born a poor white child in Detroit....")  You guys are TOO cool!!  Thank you!!

From our : "I'll Do Everything I can to be Accepted at Eastside Night"  We have gnats so we have added to our Kitchen Decor the science and technology of an Iowa Barn.  Hey...It's natural!  And, a great conversation piece when guests, come a-callin'.

Last week we were at our son's new house helping him, and his lovely bride,...paint.  They have no gnats...or fly catchers.  It's a shame.

Have you followed us on our Facebook Page for Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications?  I'm just asking because you really should.  For the love of everything you hold it for the children!  Plus you'll be the first on your block to get our daily updates for Insight on Business and loads of fun stuff like that special, secret de-coder ring...well not really but...come on, it's free!Woman attractive

Speaking of Facebook:  For those of you wanting to improve your social media response to Facebook Ads, one word:  Cleavage!   It seems a recent study proves that cleavage gets the highest response 61% higher than "normal".    Clearly the research is flawed so we at Insight Advertising will have to take on the task of double checking the methodology.  Is that OK honey?

Tomorrow on our show, Insight on Business with Michael Libbie it's Metro Monday and our special guests (Yes, we will have a total of 3!) will be Brian Waller the Executive Director of the Des Moines Downtown Chamber of Commerce (there are 28 in the Metro) and Marc Hollander from the Davis Brown Law Offices and "PR Guy" for the Downtown Chamber.  

No doubt we'll be asking Brian and Marc about the changing face of Downtown Des Khenri boloMoines.  While we are seeing some fantastic new construction...we're also seeing more empty office space and even buildings.   There is this story from The Des Moines Register about yet another restaurant closing notice the number of square feet available with more to come...should be a great buy.

THEN...and yes, there is more...coming in at 1:00PM we'll be visiting with Keelia Paulsen of Kehenri.  Good stuff coming up tomorrow at Noon Central and only on Webcast One LIVE!WebCastOneLive image

Did you hear?  Gas prices are expected to fall after Labor Day.  Labor's one of those holidays I can never remember when it is...until it's here.

Good news for Rural America!  Former Iowa Governor and now US Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack came to Iowa to announce more money for Rural Broadband Internet connection projects.  And, he used OUR LINE about the importance of the project to the economy.   Love it when we are quoted.  Here is the story from our post from, Highway 6 - Your Road to the Country.

OK...must put this to press...the sun has just crested and it's looking like another warm and sticky be moving boxes.  Have a great Sunday and we'll catch you back here tomorrow.  By the way, I monitor Twitter @MichaelLibbie as well as @InsightADV just in case you want to keep in touch there.  Thanks for reading...must go change the fly catcher.














Sunday Morning Coffee - August 1, 2010

It's SUNDAY!!  Time for Sunday Morning Coffee our weekly gathering of scattered Coffee Cu ps thoughts from a cluttered mind.  It's sort of like sitting around the coffee shop talking about what went on, what is going on and what might be ahead.  And, because it's a conversation I'm interested in your thoughts and comments as well.  You can do that by sending me an e-mail, making a comment here or on Twitter: @MichaelLibbie or @InsightADV.  So...let's get started.

My bride @GeorgieGurl gets home from RAGBRAI XXXVIII today.  That is a Rain good thing because this "bachelor life" is killing me.  Staying up late...getting up early.  I believe the experts are right, married men tend to live longer (no joking about it just "seeming longer") maybe it is having a normal schedule?  Anyway....I'm quite proud of her accomplishment.  Riding a bike for 445 miles is something few folks do.  From all reports, she has had a wonderful time and thanks to the many people who helped her and her riding partner Susan Jacobson during the week.  Here is a photo from the was taken the past Friday during a heavy rain that soaked everybody on the route. Stylin'; huh?

I don't do politics...usually because it makes people crazy(er) and most folks know nothing about politics other than the "talking points" they hear from other crazy people on the left and the right. However...  I saw this article in Cityview an "independent" newspaper published here in Des Moines.  Is this stuff true?  Does the Iowa Republican Party Platform REALLY have this stuff in it?  And, more to the the GOP candidates support this...really?   Terry?  Chuck?  Steve?  (Never mind, I know that Steve King does.)  Honest, I just want to know.  And to be fair, I am sure the Democrats have an equally wacko platform.  One of the reasons this happens is that Platform Committees are often made up of policy wonks from the fringe of each party.  Leaving many of us "in the middle" without a home.  Or so it seems.

The Iowa State Fair is this month...we love the fair but, again, I think it's too late to grow out a Mullet.  Here is a tip of the hat to Mullet11what some call "the fashion statement of the Bud Tent".  Gotta get video of this stuff...when they are sober...  And, yes...there is an Official Mullet Contest.  Yikes...

Meanwhile there is a little "push back" about the change in State Fair Ticket Prices.  While the advance price has remained the same there is an added $1 charge if you buy advance tickets from a place outside of the fairgrounds.  It's called a "Convenience Fee".  Maybe a bad year for a 13.5% ticket price increase?  You can still get them for the $7 fee IF you buy at the Fairgrounds Administration Building.  Me?  Yep, headed there tomorrow.  But, for those of you who live out of town...

The Des Moines Buccaneers, USHL Hockey, announced their season ticket pricing for 2010 - 2011.  Hey...things are looking up.  First game, October 1st.

Meanwhile, there is still loads of time to see the Iowa Cubs in action at Principal Park.  Here is the schedule for August.

Susan Georgie Dubuque Did I tell you that my bride finished RAGBRAI XXXVIII?  Here she is with partner Susan Jacobson dunking their front tires in the Mississippi River at the Port of Dubuque.  Very cool.

What do you think of this?  Progressive Insurance, the number two auto insurance company in the nation, is offering reduced insurance rates if you drive less than 15,000 miles a year and are willing to be electronically monitored for six months.  The monitoring is done to make sure you are driving safely.  Here is the article from the Des Moines Register

Tomorrow Insight on Business with Michael Libbie has "The Veggie Chef" in to talk about his unique marketing model.  He makes house calls to cook up great grub...and does so...without a car.  He loads up his bike, even in the winter, and off he goes.  Samuel Auen @VegChefDSM tomorrow for Metro Monday only on Webcast One LIVE!  I'm warned he is "colorful".

This coming Friday it's Central Iowa Bloggers (CIB) at Panera Bread on University in West Des Moines.  If you have a business blog...or want to learn more, meet some fellow bloggers here is your chance.  No pressure, no agenda just come out and's a blast.  Starts when Andrew B. Clark and Mike Sansone get there...early...and folks hang around until about 10:00AM.  See you?

If you are in Iowa you've heard about the Pizza Ranch...  But have you heard of the Pizza Farm?  Actually the name of the place is The Stone Barn located just across the river from Minneapolis in Nelson, WI.  Here is a fun article from the Wausau Daily Herald (Wisconsin).  Looks like a fun place to visit AND they make use of local veggies and meats!  Tip of the hat to @AgVille for the news.

Outta here!  We'll get back to advertising and marketing tomorrow.  In the meantime follow us on Twitter:  @MichaelLibbie or @InsightADV and Facebook too.  Have a wonderful Sunday!