Customer Service Lessons from...Chubby Checker

We're sure you are wondering, "How could Chubby Checker hold the keys to improving customer service for my business?"  OK..fair question and here is the story.

Chubby Mike WindishA couple of weeks ago I made contact with Chubby Checker about his appearance in Iowa.  We've been friends for years but I'd never seen him perform.  He, right away, shot me an email saying, "Love to see you! Here is the contact information for my road manager Mike Windish."  If you've had any experience with the entertainment industry you know that customer service is often lacking.  But I called Mike and left a message.  Within thirty minutes he called me back to make "arrangements".  I told him we'd buy tickets and he said, "No sir, Chubby insists" and asked me to call once we arrived.  I did and he was there to greet our party of three and the experience was...great.

So...what are the lessons your business can learn from Chubby?  Here you go:

  • Return Phone Calls - many times we are the folks wanting to buy but trying to get a return call is often futile.
  • Take the Time - Mike Windish is a busy guy with a family and a very public job (he's also the drummer in the band) yet he took the time to visit about a variety of things and that was surprising.
  • Follow Through - It could have been, "Your tickets will be at Will Call" and that was it.  But, Mike followed through with a text and a phone call to make sure.
  • Be Nice - We had NO idea what Mike looked like.  Yet when we entered the concert area my phone rang again. "I think you just walked past me..."  When we met he said, "I figured that was you. You have a presence..."  He didn't have to say that.
  • Make It Easy - It was all Mike Windish who set up the after concert meeting.  Made sure security knew who we were as well as the band.
  • Never Forget - Who the customer is...and what they can mean to your business.  Mike...gets it.

When we were leaving I asked Mike how it was that a 32 year old (former school teacher by the way) understood how critical his job of "customer service" is.  He said, "I am honored to be working for a wonderful teacher.  Chubby Checker is the very best at understanding what needs to be done...every remain successful."





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