Celebrating A New Month!

October 2013Insight on Business the News Hour with Michael Libbie has been on the air, broadcasting the business news of the Des Moines Metro, for over a month! Each day M-F we bring you the news of the small, medium and large businesses of our communities along with interviews of news-makers and business people. Our broadcast partner is 1350-KRNT, Des Moines.

This week we've got a number of scheduled interviews:


Leisa Fox is the Vice President for Membership of the Iowa Association of Business and Industry. We'll visit with her in the first half-hour. Then Kyra Jacobson and Taylor Thomsen from the start-up White Willow Events join us after the stocks and ag report.


Creighton Cox from the Home Builders Association of Greater Des Moines. Then, Laura Gaulke is in to talk about the upcoming social media class at DMACC.


State Senator Jack Hatch will visit the News Hour followed by Chris Coleman who will visit about the Beaverdale Neighborhood Project.


Aaron Hoffman comes in to talk about I/OWA the tech and start-up conference coming to Des Moines this month. Then Rick Davis from the Rick Davis Team talks home-ownership.


Tom Welchans is the president of the Iowa Junior Chamber of Commerce. They are in town for an annual meeting.

Join us for the business news and interviews all this week. Should you want to join the conversation before, during or after the News Hour log onto Twitter we're @IoB_NewsHour and we monitor our feed before, during and after the broadcast. And, for some of the back-story of the News Hour head to our Facebook Page for photos, video and more.

Insight on Business the News Hour - What You Doing?

Insight on Business the News Hour with Michael Libbie is our Monday - Friday broadcast about economic development, business news and  KRNT Photo interviews with news-makers. We're live at 5PM just after the CBS News on 1350-KRNT, Des Moines, Iowa. Connecting with us is easy, on Twitter it's @IoB_NewsHour and we monitor that stream before during and after the broadcast.  If you use Facebook and want to connect to see some of the "back-story" from photos to videos just click right here.

Today, along with the news, Wall Street Journal Report, Stocks of Local Interest and the Report from Agriculture we're packing in several "rapid-fire" guests with their stories.

In the first half hour we welcome Jason White from the Warren County Economic Development Corporation.  We're going to talk about the ground breaking that went on today as Warren County welcomed the expansion of C&L Industries. 

Also in the first half hour we've got Gunner Olson from Des Moines Area Rapid Transit (DART).  It's been several months since DART moved into the new transit building and rearranged some routes.  We'll check on the progress and ask how business is going.

Then a conversation with our friend Alexander Grgurich who is TEDxDM.  They recently had a successful event and are planning some new items in the near future.  Alexander and...TEDx.

We'll also visit with Rick Davis about how to finance the "big dream".

Those stories, the news and more today at 5PM on 1350-KRNT, Des Moines.

We're Days Away...

In just a few days we will launch Insight on Business - The News Hour on 1350-KRNT in Des Moines, Iowa.  It's been a long process and we're KRNT Photo glad the Des Moines Radio Group and Saga Communications have embraced the idea of a local, live news program about metro area businesses.

Over the years we've found that broadcast radio and television have limited time and talent to cover the business stories that are outside of "big company news".  In other words if you are not Wellmark, Wells Fargo or AVIVA the chances that somebody in broadcast media will pick up your story is...zero.  It's not their fault...it's just not in their wheel-house.

However, it is in ours.  Each day Monday - Friday between 5 and 6PM Central we'll talk about the business news of the Metro.  Interview the business newsmakers, tell the stories about emerging businesses and share our insight into local stocks.  All live and all local.

We've been asked what we'll do with our Web TV program of the same name which airs live each Monday morning at 9AM on Webcast One Live.  We're going to stay there as well.  While 1350-KRNT is local, Webcast One Live is national and global.  Our program there deals with advertising and marketing news and business tips.

Two different audiences...two different news outlets.

Thanks for your support and we look forward to the Monday launch!


The Facebook Page for Insight on Business - The News Hour is right here and our Twitter Stream is @IoB_NewsHour and the place for press items is IoBNewsroom@Gmail.com

Insight on Business - Radio Broadcast Launch

For the past several years I've hosted a web based news show with a focus on advertising, marketing and business.  The platform has been over at Webcast One LIVE and it's been a fantastic experience. Here is a sample:


Early this year our firm, Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications, was hired by the City of Urbandale to write and produce interesting content revolving around the slogan, "Uniquely Urbandale".  During the past several months we crafted news stories about diversity, taxes, infrastructure and international trade.  The result, no media outlet within the Des Moines Metro took a sniff.

That led us to the conclusion that the business community and economic development doesn't rate high on the list of priorities for local news outlets. Save for the occasional Iowa Economic Development Authority story the news about the business of business...small, medium and large doesn't exist especially among broadcasters.

MPL KRNT 1 WEBWe're changing that...

Insight on Businss the News Hour will debut in August as a news and information program on 1350 KRNT and air Monday - Friday between 5PM and 6PM offering listeners a full hour of business and economic news spanning the Des Moines Metro and surrounding area.  Interviews, stocks of local interest, news stories...all on the air and on the Net.

We could have sat around and grumbled that there is a lack of interest in our economic drivers.  However, seeing that there is a lack of service compelled us to find a way to deliver the news that grows the metro.  Joined by our producer Peter Tarpey and technical director Jimmy Olsen I'm confident we're in for a great time.

Thanks for your early support and encouragement.


Who Controls Your Brand?

I am a throw-back to another era.  I happen to enjoy getting the hard DM Register Home Delivery 1 Use-pngcopy Des Moines Register each morning and have done so for years.  About 5am each day it's a cup of coffee and the Register.  And, except for the sports section (sorry Bryce) I tend to read every word. OK, confession...now that AHL Hockey is coming back and the Iowa Cubs are playing...I'll read those stories.)

When the Des Moines Register decided to start their "Pay-to-View" policy last year i didn't leave.  I signed up.  In other words, I'm a loyal customer and willing to shell out the $24 a month for the ability to keep informed at home or away on business.

The first time my newspaper was "delivered" to the end of my driveway (100 feet away from the usual location) I let it pass. "Maybe a new delivery person", I thought.  That was a week ago.

DM Register Home Delivery 2 use-pngYesterday, during the rain, the "delivery" was once again at the foot of the driveway. (Image 1)  Today the "delivery" was deposited next to the rain-soaked daily of yesterday. (Image 2) And, if you click on the image and look across the street you'll see my neighbor's copy about six feet away from the garbage containers.

Today I decided to report the issue.  It's not that I'm adverse to exercise, I did 90 minutes yesterday, it's just that I like the service.  So, I called.  The automation was expected and I requested a call back.  "The Machine" said that would happen within thirty minutes.  It did.

Sheila said it was not standard procedure for delivery on a carrier route to deliver away from the house and asked if I'd like to make sure we (and our neighbors) paper was delivered doorstep.  I did but, I wondered why I had to spend the time to wrangle through the reporting issue on the phone and on-line.

Bottom Line: No matter how hard folks work to produce a product the brand can be tarnished the most by the folks who actually come into contact with the consumer.  That's true here...and in your business...no matter what product or service you sell.




If you would like to leave a comment here, feel free.  Or let's connect on our advertising agency Twitter Feed @InsightADV and/or our advertising agency Facebook Page which is right here.  Thanks for reading!  Michael Libbie

Networking in Silos?

This past week I've gone to several networking events.  Some formal like the Social Media Club of Des Moines and some very unstructured like SMCDSMCentral Iowa Bloggers.  Three interesting thoughts:

Networking for Business - Networking does not always mean business but these events do stimulate the thought process as we interact with friends in person rather than digitally.

Networking Silos - Just like neighborhoods the networking events I've been to over the past week are populated by...the same core group of people.  Sure new people pass in and out but, for the most part, these gatherings are places where we see many of the same folk. If you are shy and withdrawn sometimes it's hard to make new friends/connections.  Reach out and introduce yourself.  

Original Networking - I belong to two Chambers of Commerce. These, I think, are the "original networking events".  Friendships are made but the "talk" is vastly different. The events that are dominated by younger independent business people are peppered with one idea after another and creativity seems to be the topic of discussion.  When I go to a chamber event it feels different.  The conversation is friendly, supportive but not very "creative".

My point in all of this is to urge you to branch out and go to different networking events where the conversation and "feel" are not always the same.  Who knows...you may pick up a golden nugget of wisdom.



If you would like to connect shoot me an email.  Or let's get together on Twitter @InsightADV and our advertising agency Facebook Page is right here.  Thanks for coming by! Michael Libbie

Just for FUN:  "The SHOCKING Story of Central Iowa Bloggers!"



Social Media Club of Des Moines

Over the years I've made lots of friends in the world of new/social media. MPL SMC March 2013 Some are practitioners of the craft others are business people who value the personal interaction of communication. The Social Media Club of Des Moines is one of those gems that keeps popping up in my life.

Started several years ago the group continues to be a mega-networking opportunity for folks who love new/social media in all forms. 

This week I had the pleasure of presenting "Five in Twenty-Four - Five things a business can do in just twenty-four hours to improve sales and marketing." For those of you across the country who have seen this presentation we've added some personal stories at the front-end.  It helps, I believe, in making a solid connection with...friends.

"Five in Twenty-Four" came from a realization that often a speaker gives to his/her audience some lofty ideas but, when faced with a busy life, those ideas get put off and then forgotten. This presentation is different in the fact that it's intended not to overwhelm business people with too much information.  The intent is to have business choose one, two or three projects they can accomplish in just a few hours but can have a major impact on consumers.

Fun...and thanks again to the Social Media Club of Des Moines for the opportunity to share and...to practice new stuff. (Photo - Brent Isenberger Photography)



If you would like to connect with a comment here, feel free.  Or let's get together on Twitter @InsightADV and our advertising agency Facebook Page is right here. Thanks for coming by.

Lessons Learned - Politics & Business

A week ago last night my daily involvement in a political campaign with Cowboy 1 Desmund Adams concluded. After 17 months of our work dedicated to media, communications, policy, public events, video, photography, design, voter outreach, social media…we lost.  Desmund lost by over 1,400 votes to a guy who had campaigned for 34 days. Now, while that sounds like a bunch it really was not.  Our opponent had a 5,000 voter registration edge on us.

I learned some things from this adventure that may be helpful to the business world or for those of you considering a political future.  Here is a quick list:

  • Work vs. Money – While we all say we value hard work going into something underfunded is a death blow.  In 34 days our opponent outraised and outspent us by nearly 4 to 1.  Deep pockets trumps hard work it would seem;
  • Stay Simple – Our campaign worked over seven key issues we believed were critical to the future of Iowa.  Meanwhile our opponent failed to utter a single original idea and kept true to his political party’s talking points.  There is a lesson here about detail me thinks;
  • Social Media & Facebook – If you have a business and you want to connect with potential customers use social media and promote by doing advertising on Facebook…it works;
  • Mass Media – Television works.  It’s that simple.  In the final weeks of the campaign our opponent spent thousands on television advertising.  While the ad was not very creative it was the only thing running;
  • Direct Mail…Sucks – We spent several thousand dollars on specifically directed mailings to selected special interest groups.  Our return was less than 1%...way less.  This has caused some re-thinking for our agency about the use of direct mail;
  • Relevant Message/Bad Timing – No matter how “important” you  think your product/service is trying to sell ideas during the Holiday Season is tough…very.
  • Winter Elections/Promotions -  In December it’s dark by 5PM finding a polling place, especially after redistricting was tough.  That brings to mind the timing of your promotion/event.  Getting people OUT after dark during the week?  Unless it’s a very social thing…nada;
  • Wednesday & Church – Not being a Christian I had this misdirected thought that Wednesday nights were like any other night.  Wrong.  Avoid Wednesday night events...especially if you are targeting women.

However difficult it was to lose it was a wonderful adventure and we were grateful for the experience.  I know that Desmund Adams is not finished with his dream to serve the citizens of Iowa…I’ll let you know where that leads all of us.



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Thanksgiving Thoughts & Market Day

I am a capitalist.  I think.  I love it when a client listens to our advice, Thanksgiving Sales 2012 sells more stuff and becomes successful.  That is what we're in business for.  If our clients were not successful we would be out of a job. So, I am a capitalist but I also want to be...fair.

This is an image of the Des Moines Register advertising section from the Thanksgiving Day edition, 2012.  Yes, the paper had some "news" but over 80% of the daily was...advertising. (Who says print is...dead?)  Going through this edition it's clear that "big box" has the upper hand with their advertising dollars.  Not many "mom & pop" ads for small businesses. 

Market Day 2012I get it that these chains and "big box" hire local folks but I also know that independent business owners and workers want you to shop them as well. That's why several years ago I vowed to make 80% of my holiday purchases from "Indies".  That starts tomorrow during Black Friday.

Market Day is a monthly event made up of "Indies" that takes place at the Des Moines Social Club.  But, Black Friday is special.  Dozens of artists and retail shops will sell useful and often querky stuff you'll find nowhere else.  And, doing business with these folks is a joy. (Here's a preview of some of the vendors.)

This year...why not be a capitalist and do that shopping local...really local...hyper-local.  If you're in the Des Moines area you can meet up with us at Market Day, Kirkwood Hotel, 400 Walnut Street.  Door open at 9AM. See ya there!

Happy Thanksgiving and...Happy Market Day Shopping!  Want more?  Quick video from last year:





OK, We're In...Now What?

"If you get it, share it." That's the theme of the Social Media Clubs across the United States.  Last night in Des Moines, Iowa the Des DSMSMC Mike Suzanne Moines Social Media Club (#SMCDSM) re-launched during a well attended party at Exile Brewing Company downtown.  Lot's of energy, excitement but a noisy environment that made it difficult to hear our friends Mike Templeton and Suzanne Hull as they shared some general news.  

A couple of points:

  • Ning is Gone - Up to this point SMCDSM has used an independent Ning site to gather and share information between members.  Mike Templeton told us last night the new group is abandoning that site in favor of a site associated with the "mother ship", SocialMediaClub.org.
  • It Cost Cash - Our agency sent in $100 as a gesture of good-will and support of the new adventure.  Our friend Cinnamon Rost told us the fees to join the US Social Media Club came to roughly $1,000.  It will be interesting to see if there are additional fees and costs.
  • New Board Members - A host of new board members were introduced, however the sound system was so bad we could not record and lacked...paper to write them down. I do remember Shane Vanderhart and Melissa Khodai-Burkheimer being mentioned. Who are we missing?

DSMSMC CrowdWe were also missing some familiar faces but Drew McLellan did make contact and asked if somebody could have a beer for him.  

So, what's next?  What are we, they, us going to do next?  Re-launching is fun but now comes the work to get people engaged and excited about "belonging" to "the club".  Will it fit into the schedule?  Will there be meaningful learning and sharing events?  Will we have to say the Pledge, ring a bell and collect dues?  

We dunno...but it should be fun to watch and enjoy.  If you've got a comment or question you can leave that here or join us on Twitter @InsightADV or our advertising/communication agency Facebook page is right here.