Twitter for Business & Mediacom

There is a "love/hate" relationship with so many of our utility companies. We think the reason for this disconnect is not always service but Mediacom screen communication.  We've all had to call an 800 number and speak with a customer service representative who must (by some body's order) go through a script all the while saying, "Thank you for that information..." and then offer a prescribed set of "fixes" but no ability to share what's really going on.  It's frustrating and causes consumer problems.

Some time ago we found the "back-channel" to consumer confidence.  It's called Twitter.  Over the years we've communicated with major corporations from American Express to Enterprise Rent-A-Car and always been pleased. The same with our friends who work the magic at @MediacomSupport.  Mediacom, a regional cable TV outlet, has figured out that building relationships builds the bottom line and customer loyalty.  Not only that but if you read the interaction above MediacomSupport actually is...human...coming back with a "good night wish".  Impressive...

Mediacom has also figured out the reason to use Twitter is not to sell products/services but to actually reach out to consumers to listen and engage.  Your lesson here is just that...reach out, listen and advise.  Offer something useful to your customers like...customer service that is directed and personal.  How?  See above.



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Buzzing in Franklin County, Iowa

We spend time in the world of social media works.  We want...proof.  OK, let's visit about tiny Hampton, Iowa in Franklin County Harvet Tour 2011 Franklin County. (Who, by the way, scored a congressional debate last month.)

This is about creating a buzz about something when you have very little budget...but lots of friends..."with benefits".

Deb Brown & Greater Franklin County

Last year Deb (far left), who is a connected social media expert working with the The Chamber of Greater Franklin County, suggested a "Harvest Tour" and invited several of her connected social media friends to come experience Rural Iowa.  The result was loads of content plastered across many social media platforms.

Spending a fraction of what it would cost to bring in a "big name" person or act Deb was able to help her community reach out to thousands of Franklin County Harvest Tour 2011people by using social media. 

So Now What?

While, according to Deb, the general community is still working through what a "bloggers tour" is there is no doubt Greater Franklin County has caught the attention of...many.  So many that this weekend is the Second Annual Harvest Tour with writers coming from as far away as New Hampshire and public television from...Japan.  


For more about the Greater Franklin County Harvest Tour you can head to this link.  We'll be there sharing some insights.  Hey, it's what we do.


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Thanksgiving Thank You....

We took some time on Thanksgiving Eve 2011 to go out and ask some folks what they are thankful for.  Thanksgiving is that one American Holiday that screams "family".  Here is what we heard:


For those of you who don't have family close or, perhaps, without family members...know that we're all connected in that bond of humanity that, as we learned today, can be very special, warm and loving.  It can be...honest.

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Pet Project Midwest - New Home?

I've got some friends looking for a new home and maybe you can help.  For almost two years The Pet Project Midwest has been in space owned by Christopher's Jewlery.  The gold buying business must be greatPet Project Logo  because Chris is expanding his store and that means our friends from the Pet Project Midwest...are looking for a place to go. Some motivational facts:

They Pay Their Bills - The Pet Project Midwest isn't looking for a "handout".  They are a non-profit but they pay their rent, utilities and other costs.  Of course they are looking for a deal...and if you know somebody, who knows somebody.  They are good folks.

They Do Good Work - Over the years Pet Project Midwest has helped hundreds of families keep their pets.  With the economic conditions as they've been, some families have been forced to make a decision of who to feed.  The "pet kids" often get the short end.  Pet Project Midwest helps families with food and other pet items.  In addition the Iowa Pet Alert is part of their mission.  They have helped find and re-connect an astonishing number of pets and people who love them.

They Are Nice Neighbors - They don't make noise, don't house pets People Movingon property...they simply warehouse food and pet supplies for folks in need.

It'll Make You Feel Good - Helping people who help critters and families brings on a warm, fuzzy...and these folks will help you get it.

So, if you know somebody...who knows somebody and has at least 1,500 square feet of space to house shelving, a couple of desks, a central location that will also allow trucks (donors supply lots of food) to off-load that would be fantastic!  If you is a quick video featuring our friend Courtney Tompkins talking about their work. 


Thanks, in advance!