Let's Start A Media Company!

Thought I'd share something I head recently about advertising, marketing and the media. If Media Signyou've ever wondered if you could compete with "media giants" now is the time to act. And you have the power. Ready?

So you are in business and I come to you and say, "Hey, let's you and I start a media company!" No doubt you would wonder what I was drinking and might come back with, "A media company? Are you crazy?  That would cost a fortune!"

Maybe...and maybe not. If you've got seven minutes have a listen. I think you'll get it!


Thanks for reading and listening!


Giving Up Twitter!

This week I saw a Facebook Post about a friend who had "given up" on Twitter RejectedTwitter. "I have deleted my Twitter account but will continue Facebook for awhile."

That was followed by several others chiming in saying they "never really got or understood" Twitter.

I understand and that's OK. 

To explain Twitter and the power it holds for news and information doesn't much matter to folks who use social media for...being social. For those of us in business and/or the news world Twitter is a valuable asset.  Spending a few moments rolling through my Twitter TeletypeStream puts me in touch with other business professionals and allows me to digest lots of headline news.

Think of Twitter as an "old school" teletype that used to dominate every newsroom in the nation.  Every few seconds that teletype would spit out the news, weather, markets and more. Twitter is the same thing.  Sure it can be 100% social but it can also be a wonderful tool for business and for news. 

We're here to stay.  Your thoughts?


Insight Advertising, Marketing and Communicaitions is a full service advertising agency based in Des Moines and the fuel that powers Insight on Business the Daily Business News Broadcast.


The New...Radio?

Back in 2007 we were "pioneers" when it came to podcasting and when we moved IOB Card Backfrom our television broadcast on Webcast One Live to 1350 KRNT for our daily business radio broadcast we took the podcast idea with us. Why? Because it's yet another link in the trend of offering news and information to the consumer when he or she wants to access it...not when we want them to get it.

Have a quick listen to the "new radio" that you get to experience on...your time. Oh, and if your business/service isn't podcasting...why?




The New RAGBRAI Logo

When we first saw the 2015 RAGBRAI Logo we LOVED it! And, because Soviet Ag Poster (some of us are old enough to recognize some historical things) it looked faintly like a Soviet Agricultural Poster from the Stalin Era. See...

That made it all the better...great lines and the "red star" made it even more attractive. (Commies....)

Then our friends from the "cycling community" started to voice concerns, "It looks like the tractor is running over a bicycle!" was the most 
RAGBRAI Logo 2015common.  And, indeed, if you look at the logo with that eye...it does.

"News Flash!" (Yep, the words of the RAGBRAI Director...) Clearly the Des Moines Register graphic design folks must have read the piece written by our friend Kyle Munson just days before the logo reveal (maybe not) which centered on the killing of a cyclist in Calhoun County early this year.  The judge set down the maximum penalty under Iowa Law, $1,500.  If you didn't read that you can listen in to a segment of the Business News Hour where it was discussed. 

Did we happen to mention that Iowa has fallen in the rankings of "bicycle friendly states" from 6th most friendly to...25th?

But, this isn't about the pitiful way in which Iowa treats its cyclists.  Or how many folks in Rural Iowa think bicycles have no place on the roads of our state.  Nope, it's about the logo...which, by the way, we still like.

Now, if only, we could get more folks in Iowa to love cycling for more than the dollars it brings some of our hamlets, THAT would be super!





Why would you want to start a new business?  It's a fair question and one we asked Joe Shields MPL talking 21 August 2014ourselves when we launched the only business news broadcast in the region. After all, does the Metro really need another news/talk outlet?

The answer on that is a firm "No!"

And, judging by this article about "Oversaturation", we were right when we launched and said, "This is non toxic-talk radio".  This is the business news of the nation, region and Des Moines Metro without the shouting and finger pointing.

The article mentions "listener fatigue" because what you'll often hear on "news/talk" stations is the same old thing, outrage and silliness. And, listeners are tired.

When we launched Insight on Business the News Hour last year our goal was, and is, to give voice to the owner/managed businesses that would never get a chance to tell their story in a broadcast.  To provide news that is not only informative but also useful in the business environment.  To celebrate the large and the small and be even handed.

Why?  Because nobody in the broadcast world was doing it.  Nobody, and that would make it...."under-saturated".

Thanks for the opportunity!




Wait! What?

"Free? Did he say, free? Nah, what's the hook?" Man Surprised

There isn't one. Over a year ago our ad agency, frustrated that the broadcast media in the Des Moines Metro ignored much of the business news being generated by small to mid-size businesses, decided to try something.

If no one was going to spend the time broadcasting the business news of the nation, region and the Des Moines Metro...well...we would step up and do it. So we kicked off Insight on Business the News Hour with the Des Moines Radio Group. We purchased the time, we own the hour. Each day, Monday - Friday from 5PM to 6PM on 1350-KRNT we talk about the business news of the day and provide business an opportunity to come to the station and talk about...their business.


It's "Non-Toxic Talk Radio" there isn't any "gotcha" moments. Our goal is to help drive the business of business.

We're able to do this because we've got some great partners as sponsors who believe in live, local broadcasting about...business the engine that moves our Metro.

And, it doesn't stop there. We made the decision to put up a podcast of each business interview so that those businesses who come and share their story can extend their reach beyond the eight to twelve minutes we broadcast live. To date there have been close to 30,000 downloads of those business interviews. The cost? Free.

Then we take that interview, photos and video and share it with thousands of our friends on social media...for, you guessed it...free.

So how about your business? I'd invite you to give me a call directly and let's talk about the Business News Hour and having you set a date to talk...business. My direct line is 515-331-3207.

Thanks for reading....


Facebook vs. Twitter - Get Over It!

Over the course of the past couple of weeks lots of folks who may (or may not) understand social media have predicted the demise of Twitter. FB vs Twitter  Why? Because investors who don't understand Twitter decided to sell off stock because... "Twitter is not performing as well as Facebook."


While both Facebook and Twitter are lumped into the pot of "social media" they are two very different beasts.  

Facebook is a platform that targets relationships between folks who know each other.  In fact, Facebook will often send you a note asking if you really know this person...outside of Facebook.  Facebook is personal.

Twitter isn't so much personal as it is a new media broadcast platform that targets news sharing much more than personal interaction.  True some use Twitter as a personal form of communication but, the vast majority don't.  We like to think of Twitter as a huge teletype machine that continually spits out information from people who are connected and have something original to say or share.

On Facebook we almost feel compelled to "like our friends/family" on Twitter it's much less so...it's the news connection.  The information connection - it's the hashtag connection.

That's our take and how we see it.  

You are welcome to share...yours!





Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications is an ad agency in Des Moines, Iowa and the fuel that powers Insight on Business the News Hour.

We're Days Away...

In just a few days we will launch Insight on Business - The News Hour on 1350-KRNT in Des Moines, Iowa.  It's been a long process and we're KRNT Photo glad the Des Moines Radio Group and Saga Communications have embraced the idea of a local, live news program about metro area businesses.

Over the years we've found that broadcast radio and television have limited time and talent to cover the business stories that are outside of "big company news".  In other words if you are not Wellmark, Wells Fargo or AVIVA the chances that somebody in broadcast media will pick up your story is...zero.  It's not their fault...it's just not in their wheel-house.

However, it is in ours.  Each day Monday - Friday between 5 and 6PM Central we'll talk about the business news of the Metro.  Interview the business newsmakers, tell the stories about emerging businesses and share our insight into local stocks.  All live and all local.

We've been asked what we'll do with our Web TV program of the same name which airs live each Monday morning at 9AM on Webcast One Live.  We're going to stay there as well.  While 1350-KRNT is local, Webcast One Live is national and global.  Our program there deals with advertising and marketing news and business tips.

Two different audiences...two different news outlets.

Thanks for your support and we look forward to the Monday launch!


The Facebook Page for Insight on Business - The News Hour is right here and our Twitter Stream is @IoB_NewsHour and the place for press items is IoBNewsroom@Gmail.com

Insight on Business - Radio Broadcast Launch

For the past several years I've hosted a web based news show with a focus on advertising, marketing and business.  The platform has been over at Webcast One LIVE and it's been a fantastic experience. Here is a sample:


Early this year our firm, Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications, was hired by the City of Urbandale to write and produce interesting content revolving around the slogan, "Uniquely Urbandale".  During the past several months we crafted news stories about diversity, taxes, infrastructure and international trade.  The result, no media outlet within the Des Moines Metro took a sniff.

That led us to the conclusion that the business community and economic development doesn't rate high on the list of priorities for local news outlets. Save for the occasional Iowa Economic Development Authority story the news about the business of business...small, medium and large doesn't exist especially among broadcasters.

MPL KRNT 1 WEBWe're changing that...

Insight on Businss the News Hour will debut in August as a news and information program on 1350 KRNT and air Monday - Friday between 5PM and 6PM offering listeners a full hour of business and economic news spanning the Des Moines Metro and surrounding area.  Interviews, stocks of local interest, news stories...all on the air and on the Net.

We could have sat around and grumbled that there is a lack of interest in our economic drivers.  However, seeing that there is a lack of service compelled us to find a way to deliver the news that grows the metro.  Joined by our producer Peter Tarpey and technical director Jimmy Olsen I'm confident we're in for a great time.

Thanks for your early support and encouragement.


The Day...After

Several thoughts about the Super Bowl Ads we saw this past Sunday.  What we thought were the winners and the ads that need some...work.

Hands down the Halftime in America two-minute ad featuring Clint Eastwood was, in our opinion, the best.  Last year Chrysler blazed a new trail with Eminem and rather than re-do that...Chrysler came back with a message that can resonate for most Americans. If you were one of the five folks who missed it...here you go:


The ad cost Chrysler $14 million plus the actual buy of $3.5 million.  Eastwood ChryslerInteresting that it is not showing up on the official Chrysler YouTube page.  If you head there you'll see that it was removed "Due to an NFL Property Rights" message.  Odd.  Here is that story from Yahoo News. This morning in USA Today Chrysler ran this full-page ad...as back up.  This is what you call using traditional/new media to hammer home a point.  Nice...very!

What we found interesting is that BOTH political types latched onto the message.  My friends in the GOP were saying Eastwood would "lock up" the nomination and my friends in the Democratic Party said it was a score for President Obama.  And, yes, there were some who panned the ad and pointed out the money spent (wisely we think) on saving US automakers from the brink.  No politics...just a good move.

GoDaddy flunked with the same old tired stuff, Honda failed at being new and what in the world was the Mathew Broderick's look back at Ferris Bueller?  Were the 80's that great? 

In line, we think, the the demos was Fiat and Teleflora and you can never go wrong with chimps and dogs....although the bulldog/greyhound ad had us scratching our collective heads.

E-Trade was OK and Coke was...flat. Bud Light scored with another dog in "Here we go". 

What was your favorite?  And, if you want a quick review of them all, here is a link to my friends over at AdAge Medialand.





Feel free to leave a comment here our let's connect on Twitter @InsightADV. Thanks for coming by!