The "Book" and its "Cover"

He was a little stand-offish this guy in the dark suit with the bright red Dave Sanderson August 2014 tie and matching pocket square.

During a recent Midwest Speakers Bureau Showcase, something where professional speakers are given (in this case) twelve minutes to impact a room full of professional meeting planners...he didn't interact much with the other speakers in the room.

Dave Sanderson was getting ready to speak.  He was focused on his craft. He didn't want to be distracted. However, my first thought was that he, perhaps, thought better of himself than his fellow speakers  I was wrong.

Following his speech we sat down together and I opened up the conversation by saying, "Are those (shoes) Allen Edmonds?"  Dave looked at me smiled and said, "Yes, the best huh?"  We had a nice conversation about being well dressed, the value in buying high quality products and staying focused.

You know that old saying, "You can't judge a book by it's cover."? I truly enjoyed the time we spent together. I learned another lesson along with staying...focused.  Oh, his story?  Ever hear about "The Miracle on the Hudson"?  Dave was part of that adventure.  Go ahead...have a look.

(Photo Credit: Dave holding a photo of Capt. "Sully" Sullenberger holding the child Dave helped save - Diane Crone - West Des Moines. You can click to enlarge.)


Michael Libbie is the principal of Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications and host of the daily business news broadcast, Insight on Business the News Hour.

Old School?

It's 7AM on Sunday and I'm in the office writting "GREAT to Meet YOU!" Thank You Notesnotes to roughly one-hundred people I met last Friday during the 16th Annual Midwest Speakers Bureau Speakers Showcase and Iowa Meetings Expo.

Yep, I could have sent an email but that's not my brand besides, I'd rather not be deleted with a push of a button.

Sure, it's pretty old school but there is something about sitting down and writing words on a piece of paper that links us...better than LinkedIn:

  • Time - It's valuable and taking time to write to your customers/clients and new friends is an investment in branding;
  • Personal - Sure you can personalize your email but why not take the extra step and communicate something special;
  • Memorable - So few people write words on paper anymore that it's highly likely this "note" will at least get noticed and, perhaps, sit on a desk for a day or so.

Shameless self promotion?  No, taking the time to write also allows us a chance to reflect on exactly what we are doing...adding value to a brief meeting that, when action is taken, benefits the writer and the reader.

So, what do you think?


Michael Libbie is the principal of Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications and host of the daily business news broadcast, Insight on Business the News Hour.


I'm talking shoes and personal branding. Polished Shoes

I get it.  If you work in a cube or in tech or you're a professor or you are independently wealthy you can get away with looking unpolished...maybe. However when you're working on your personal brand and you're wanting to rise to the top of your game; spending a little time making sure you've got a polished footing helps.

And, this extends beyond the job interview.  Because once you have the job you want to continue to move up...right?

Amy Glass is a trainer and coach at Brody Communications Ltd. of Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, and an expert on presentation skillsbusiness etiquette, professional presence and interpersonal communication. She said in a recent interview with Peter Vogt of Monster, "Your image matters because it shows your attentiveness to detail and gives recruiters an idea of how you'll represent their company to clients, both internally and externally," Glass concludes. "The visual message you send makes a big difference in how you're perceived..."

That last line is all about personal branding and, in our mind, personal branding starts with polished shoes.  

It's the little things...


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Twitter Etiquette?

We've found, over the years, that Twitter can be a wonderful tool for Men Bowing finding and sharing information.  We use it and encourage our clients to also spend some time using it...well.

Which brings us to "Twitter Etiquette" and some suggestions on how to get a little more out of your experience. These are observations from years of we go:

  • Be Nice:  It should't even be in the Tip List but man, some folks think that because it's only 140 characters they can say anything. We can all disagree but bad language and hateful tweets won't help your personal or business brand;
  • Re-Tweeting:  If somebody take the time to RT one of your posts we think it's neat to go back and say, "Thanks for the RT!".  It's being nice.
  • Engage:  If somebody asks a question or makes a comment about your post you really should answer back. Ignoring the conversation can just be rude (see above);
  • Following Back:  This is tough because we only have a limited ability to keep up on all the conversation.  However, as a rule, it's polite to follow back even if it takes you some time to get it done.
  • Think About It:  It might sound like a cool thing to say at 1:00AM but in the daylight you might wish you had not pushed the "send button". You've heard the stories of how folks have been fired for using poor judgement...right?

Five quick tips on Twitter Etiquette. You might have your own and if so, feel free to share.

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Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications is a full service advertising agency based in Des Moines and is the fuel that powers Insight on Business the News Hour.

So, You Wanna LinkUp?

We have this "love/hate" relationship to LinkedIn.  We love the  Linked In No Photo
opportunity to connect with individuals from all over the world and in different fields. Reading their original thoughts helps us grow and learn. The "hate relationship" is nearly equal. Most of the posts (90%) we see are not original thoughts.  They are posts written by others that our LinkedIn connections think are good...and nothing wrong with that. However what do YOU think? What do YOU have to say?  So, here's some quick tips to enhance your LinkedIn experience.

  • Your Photo - No really.  LinkedIn is considered a "professional resource" that means a photo of your cat might not be the best. However, a photo of your cat is better than no photo at all.  Post your photo.
  • Contact Information - Post it. If, for some reason we need to make a phone call to your office it might be a good idea for you to post your phone number...unless you're really not interesting in making a real connection. Same goes with other contact pieces.
  • Think Original - If you do a blog or have an opinion in your business it.  We understand it's tough if you work for someone else. But, if you can post original so. It helps.
  • Read the Content - LinkedIn offers up content that tends to be in your professional space. (Amazing what they know huh?) Take some time to read it...some great original ideas.
  • Don't Simply Recommend - We LOVE it when a person recommends any of our crew.  However, at the same time it's better to reach out and comment on more than just "Say congrats on a new job".  Which BTW is often not really a "new job".  LinkedIn has some issues when you update your profile. (See they don't know THAT much!).

You have some LinkedIn Tips too?  GREAT!  Feel free to make a comment and thanks for reading!


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