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Last week on The Business News Hour we had a story about jobs. The Labor Department says there are now 1.5 million more open jobs Hiring Use then there are unemployed people. To put that in context let's say there are 6 million unemployed people in the U.S. yet there are 7.5 million open jobs.

Our business is based in the Des Moines, Iowa Metro where the current unemployment rate is hovering around 2.3%. I am told, by the folks at the Greater Des Moines Partnership, there are 17,000 open jobs in the Metro. Again, just not enough people...

Everywhere you look you see "Help Wanted" signs. HyVee, a chain of over 237 grocery stores in the Midwest, went out and bought flags to plant in their parking lot to announce the obvious. Over the past two years I've watched as B'Bops, a locally owned hamburger chain, has changed their help wanted sign to promote higher wages. Two years ago the sign said $8.00 an hour. Today the sign reads $10 an hour.

Last month there was a high-powered forum where experts weighed in on the employment troubles and offered up some suggestions regarding not only recruitment but also retention.

One of the things that is missing from the discussion is something called "passive recruitment". That's where you use media to target not only your "help wanted" message but also, at the same time, polish your brand. You can use a host of mediums radio, podcasting sponsorships, podcasting, video and social media to do the same thing. 

What is cool about passive recruiting is that word spreads. You may not hit the person who is actively looking for a job but your message may be heard or seen by a family member who then says, "Hey, did you see/hear that Weasels is looking for workers. Sounds/Looks like a great place to work."

Here's a sample, click to listen.

Recruitment Audio June 2019

It's really that easy but, does it work?  I have a friend who works in this field and he has been successful for years. The key is to let people know how really great your business is and then pitch the idea of working there.

Building your brand while building your bench is simply a good stratigity. 





Tips on Scoring Earned Media

It is called “earned media” when you get publicity through promotional efforts. You know, the Earned Media Boy reporter shows up at your business and does a great job in sharing your message/brand/effort.  It happens every day right?

It does but the promotional effort has to be something amazing.

While you think your promotion is really cool and fun and interesting you need to understand media outlets get pitched all the time and they only have so much inventory.  And, remember, media outlets survive on “paid media” or advertising.

Some Tips on Scoring Earned Media

  • Think and Plan – Sure, sometimes a promotional event goes viral on its own but to get to that point there must be some serious planning. You must take into consideration not just “the event” but how it will play with the public. Will they get it and will it make for a good “news bite”?
  • Wacky Works – Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge of 2014? It was wacky, different and fun. The ALS Association scored international media attention and even offered up Ice Bucket Challenge 2.0 in 2015;
  • Celebs – Hooking your promotional event around “a name” is always a great way to induce the media to your cause. Some celebrities will pony up their time because they have a relationship to the cause or event but you need to know not just ask;
  • Broad Appeal – Even though your promotion is meant to drive your brand the event needs to be broad enough to garner wide appeal. Otherwise media outlets will ignore you;
  • Social Media – If you fail to get social with your promotion hoping the media will carry the ball for you…forget it. At the same time if you are not NOW working social media for your business but ramp it up for one event…ain’t gonna work. You must be in the space before, during and after;
  • Keep Pitching - Once and done is not a good media plan;
  • Be Timely - If you can tie your event to something that is already hot or something that is starting to bubble up, so much the better; 
  • It’s Not Free – Getting earned media is not free. It takes time, talent, planning, execution and a relationship with the media. All of those factors cost money…
  • The Relationship – I can’t stress this enough…if you and your business has created a media relationship either through paid advertising or personal it is golden. Likewise if you and your business is already seen as a leader in your vertical so much the better.

The bottom line is that earned media doesn’t “just happen”

Now, go think and plan!


Let's Start A Media Company!

Thought I'd share something I head recently about advertising, marketing and the media. If Media Signyou've ever wondered if you could compete with "media giants" now is the time to act. And you have the power. Ready?

So you are in business and I come to you and say, "Hey, let's you and I start a media company!" No doubt you would wonder what I was drinking and might come back with, "A media company? Are you crazy?  That would cost a fortune!"

Maybe...and maybe not. If you've got seven minutes have a listen. I think you'll get it!


Thanks for reading and listening!


Made The Way You - Hills Pet Food

We get it. We also do design work for our clients.  From packaging to direct Hills Flyer June 2015 mail to billboards to flyers.  And, yes, we've made an error or two in the years that we've been at it. (Once we failed to spell an ingredient correctly in on a tiny list on the back of a bag.) So, yes...we understand that mistakes happen and not only to small advertising agencies like ours or maybe even in your business.

The image here is from a direct mail piece that came in the Sunday Des Moines Register. If you look at it carefully you're left with a question: "Made the way you...would what?"

This happens when text boxes are left out of the final design and print run. So, how do you make sure something like this doesn't happen, even if you don't have a staff?  Some tips:

  • Pass It Around - Often the person who writes the copy is expected to proof the copy. Big mistake because often writers may "think" they included the information and on proofing just don't see it.  Pass the piece around to others to review;
  • Print Run - We nearly always demand that if the printing is done locally that somebody from here is at the print run to check color, layout, bleeds, etc. It takes some extra time but worth it;
  • Create a Mock-Up - What we see on a computer screen often just isn't the same as holding the actual print piece. So before it goes to press create a mock-up so you can handle, circle changes, etc.
  • One More Time - We've even gone so far as to take a technical item out of the office for a review from another technical writer.  Again, it might take some time but perhaps he/she might find a goof.

Speaking of Goofs - Before writing this we posted the image on our Facebook Page and asked folks to see if they "noticed anything odd". Many didn't but, once it was pointed out it was, to some, a "brand ding". A negative impact of the brand seemed a little harsh but, for some folks...that may be all it takes. 

Take a little extra time...and thanks for reading!



If you have followed our work you know we love "Less is More".  The idea behind this concept is to get the consumer to NOTICE you or your product/service.  The secondary goal is to sell.  When this flier from Target arrived in this morning's newspaper we had to share.

In a word it is: STUNNING

Target 2013 Cover

The designer created a visual WOW with color and motion calling attention to the two items being sold while shouting...classy.  We may never look at Tide or Welch's Grape Juice in the same way.  Well done, simple and stunning.  Your thoughts?




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The Friday Wrap for Business

The Friday Wrap takes a look at several business/marketing stories Friday all loaded with our opinion.  If you want to comment, feel free!  Also you can follow the conversation on our Twitter Stream @InsightADV or our advertising agency Facebook Page, which is right here.  OK then...don't leave the office until you've read these stories from The Friday Wrap:

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  • Facebook - Our friends at Facebook celebrated 1 billion users this week with a neat video on "connecting".
  • Meanwhile The Big Lie - However many small/medium business folks get caught up in marketing by using Facebook...often poorly. Our thoughts.
  • Central Iowa Bloggers - Gather the first Friday of each month.
  • The Goal - When you do a print piece your goal is to get noticed here's a creative piece from our friends at Hy-Vee that begs to do just that.
  • 5 in Twenty-Four - This week we were pleased to present to the Central Iowa Chapter of the American Business Women's Association of Iowa.  What did they learn?  We'll let them tell you.
  • Rural Blogging - Hampton and Franklin County, Iowa play host to writers and photographers from across the country...and Japan. What can your business learn for nearly free.

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The Goal? - Open the Offer...

We love it when our clients listen to us and create a dynamic direct mail HyVee Dog Food 1 or print insert piece that will get noticed, opened and read.  While Hy-Vee is not our client (However they should be for the social media side of things...we could help.) they do have some pretty cool advertising stuff and here is an example. (Go ahead and click on the image...they get larger.)

It's a Des Moines Register insert from this past Sunday and it begs (pun intended) to get noticed.  And, what you'll open.

While Hy-Vee could have opted to send out a flat piece the die-cut makes it stand out...and that's what you want.  

HyVee Dog Food 2Inside there is plenty of room for specials and pricing. However, because it's so darn cute I wonder if folks will cut out the coupons?

A piece like this isn't cheap to design, however stock photos help.  And it's not inexpensive print.  But, remember we want people to notice and then open your direct mail or insert and this piece shows the way.  HyVee Dog Food 3

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