Take A Break...

Each week we step away from the world of business (for one day only) and brew up Sunday Morning Coffee.  It's filled with politics, opinion, sex...well maybe not so much sex...and gossip.  It's just a fun way for me to share.  You can read Sunday Morning Coffee when you click this link.  Inside you'll read about:

  • CNN - I have to do their work...too;
  • Gas Prices- It's all Obama's fault;
  • Iowa GOP- Spanks the ass of the Iowa Dems;
  • Iowa - Just like Arizona...or Wisconsin;
  • Ron Paul - Goes to Tampa, the Iowa connection;
  • Sex - Sleeping with the president & getting paid;
  • Obama - Proof he's really an Arab;
  • Steve King - Want a job in agriculture?  Step up!;
  • Multi-Cultural - Family photo of the week.

Thanks for coming by.  We'll get back to business tomorrow.



Take A Business Break

Each week I take a break from business to take a look at some storiesCoffee Cu ps you may have missed.  You know those sexy political events that just seem to pass us by.  I'll get back to the business of business tomorrow but for now, have a cup of Sunday Morning Coffee but, as always, be very careful...it's HOT!  You can see the entire post by clicking here.  Today:

  • Newt- What is taking so looooooong?;
  • Mrs. Obama in Windsor Heights - What the crowd said;
  • Old News - I guess I upset some people with a fair question;
  • iJAG - You know about this very cool program?;
  • Education - The costs keep going up;
  • Our Kids - What in the world is going on?;
  • Chris Hagenow - His worst nightmare;
  • Mom - Learning Patience and Value

Thanks for coming by...and have a great Sunday!


April Fools Edition

Take a break from business and have some coffee...Sunday Morning Style.  Some stories you may have heard and those that you maybe missed.  All laced with opinion.  Go ahead, grab a cup of Sunday Morning Coffee.


  • The End of the World - Seriously
  • Democrats Eat Their Young - Proof
  • Callista - Dang!
  • He's a Thug! - I have proof...
  • I'm Full - A look at The Hunger Games
  • Eggs - Jews and Christians Agree!!!

Thanks for coming by...enjoy.  Sunday Morning Coffee is right here.


Sunday Morning Coffee

Each Sunday Morning I take a short break from business and offer up some news and opinion based on the past week.  Some stories you might have heard...and some you've missed.  Grab a cup of Sunday Morning Coffee right here and enjoy:

  • The Hoodie - Really?;
  • E.J. Giovannetti & Moderation - We hear this...often;
  • Desmund Adams & Susan Judkins - On Moderation;
  • The Bible - And Politics;
  • The Telephone - A relic?:
  • "El Rushbo" - A Carbonite Update;
  • Toys - The Etch-A-Sketch and Politics;
  • Keep Calm & Carry On - We like this video...a bunch;
  • Legislative Parties - What does access cost?;
  • Partly Personal- Mom & Underwear

Thanks for coming by and have a wonderful Sunday!



Sunday Morning Coffee

Take a break and have some coffee...Sunday Morning Style.  We'll get back to the world of business tomorrow but, today, Sunday Morning Coffee has:

  • Rush & Women & Clear Channel - Honestly, you agree?
  • Mental Health in Iowa - Some shocking numbers
  • Susan Judkins- She's in for the Iowa House against Chris Hagenow
  • Crafts and the "G-Spot" - Video later in the day
  • Anger - Where is it coming from?  Two thoughts
  • Got Rye- Great story by Kyle Munson in the Register

That's it...oh and welcome to Daylight Savings Time.  I hear that hour will be waiting for us in November.  Have a great Sunday.  Here is your link to The Coffee.


Take a Break...Have Some Coffee

Each Sunday Morning I get to take a break from the world of business andCoffee Cu ps enter the "interesting" world of politics, sex, religion...you know all the stuff that gets your blood pressure to an acceptable level.  This week Sunday Morning Coffee features a bunch of news you may...or may not... have seen/heard.  Leading off:

  • Sluts & "El Rushbo" - Some tips for action;
  • Going "Auto" - The Iowa Department of Transportation;
  • Original Thoughts - Got one or two?
  • Matt Schultz- Zombie Voters return and an interesting link to Rep. Linda Upmeyer (R-Garner);
  • Getting Funky - Tower of Power since 1968 at Hoyt Sherman;
  • Desmund Adams - A new video just for you;
  • Partly Personal - We expose the "Purple People Eater"!

Have a Superior Sunday.  We'll get back to business tomorrow!  Here is your link to Sunday Morning CoffeeThanks for reading/watching. - Michael


Sunday Morning Coffee - Politics & Opinion

Taking a short break from business this morning as I take a look at theCoffee Cu ps crazy(er) world of politics in Iowa...and some from Indiana.  We'll get back to business tomorrow but...in the meantime grab a cup of Sunday Morning Coffee...it's hot!  Stories for today:

  • Girl Scouts - "A bunch of Lesbians!"
  • Iowa Commercial Property Taxes - You ain't heard the last word.
  • Sen. Brad Zaun - Has extra time on his hands....
  • Desmund Adams - Iowa State Senate & Why
  • New Laws - So far 4 Bills have been signed, Oh...my.
  • Zeta Kappa Lambda - Did you...know?
  • Black & Gold Ball - Only here...nobody else covered it
  • Girl Scout Cookies - Told you I'd get back to that...

Once again, if you would like to see the full post here is Sunday Morning CoffeeThanks for coming by and have a wonderful...Sunday!


Sunday Morning Coffee - Sex, Politics & Iowa

On Sunday Morning we move away from the business world and enter theCoffee Cu ps steamy side of sex, politics and gossip.  You know, the stuff you love to hate.  This week Sunday Morning Coffee has these interesting stories...and some you may have missed.

  • Iowa GOP - Abortion is OK...In China
  • Santorum & His Jesus - And the Inquisition
  • Chris "Personhood" Hagenow & Dinner
  • Iowa - Last..."Dead Last"
  • Oh Obama - What Will You Not Think...Next?
  • Gas Tax - The Hell With You...
  • Fund Raising - My Bride Hits the Streets

What the heck...something here must have caught your interest.  We'll get back to business tomorrow...but for now, have some coffee...but warning, it's HOT!



Sunday Morning Coffee is....HOT!

We'll get back to the business of business tomorrow but, for today, allow me to indulge you with my anti-everything rants on a host of items in this week's Sunday Morning Coffee.  Inside you'll find out:

  • Who & Why we Hate;
  • Rep. Steve King and Stasi Troops;
  • A Note to the "Eyeroll Woman" about Mrs. Obama;
  • Prairie Meadows & Hookers
  • Sex Talk with Catholics
  • I Finally Belong! - A Chris Hagenow Update
  • Helmets are for Sissys

And so much more.  Sunday Morning Coffee can be found right...HERE.  Enjoy the read and have a great Sunday!



Have Some Coffee Already...

Forget "The Game" tune into Sunday Morning Coffee a delightful look at news, politics, gossip and sex.  I know, you've got stuff to do so here's a hint at what you'll read/see:

  • Where's Newt? - Nevada Crushes Newt...It's Over;
  • Zombie Voters - They are REAL and we've got PROOF that Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz needs to see;
  • Seeing Pink?- The Koman/Planned Parenthood Flap;
  • Ed Weintrob - Founder of the Brooklyn Paper in for an evening;
  • GroWARRENow - I get invited to hang out with the GOP...and Jay Byers;
  • Iowa Winter Death Storm 2012 - An Update;
  • Kent Sorenson & Pat Ward- A sighting near Indianola;
  • Still No Newsletter - Help offered by Desmund Adams...but, nothing.

That and a bunch more.  We'll get back to business tomorrow...but for now, the Coffee is...HOT!  Sunday Morning Coffee is...right here.