Sunday Morning Coffee - January 29, 2012

We'll get back to business tomorrow...but, for Sunday it's Sunday Morning Coffee a news/opinion rant I've done for several years.  As always, the thoughts and opinion expressed are my own.  If you wish to comment here, feel free or follow me on my personal Twitter account: @MichaelLibbie.  In the coffee today:

  • Matt Schultz - Zombie Voters Invade Iowa;
  • Jew Watch - If they go to the Pork Congress...they are everywhere;
  • Food - Just what the Hell is in it?;
  • Doves - Get the lead out?;
  • Urbandale HyVee - A quick update;
  • Rick Santorum - Suspends Sunday Events;
  • Chris Hagenow - Ain't got no newsletter...yet.

Those stories and a bit about a "G-Spot" are all in this week's Sunday Morning Coffee.  Enjoy..but as always the coffee is...HOT!




Sunday Morning Coffee

Sunday Morning Coffee is all about opinion, sex, politics and religion.Coffee Cu ps  The stuff folks crave.  We'll get back to business tomorrow but, in the meantime, grab a cup and let's focus on:

  • Why Newt "The Angry" Won South Carolina;
  • What Happened At Urbandale HyVee?;
  • Chris Hagenow and Taxes;
  • The Des Moines Bucs - Dang Hockey!;
  • Governor Branstad - Can We Talk?;
  • Buy Local - A Domestica Story
  • Desmund Adams - Iowa Senate District 22
  • Walmart - The Shame...oh the Shame;
  • Speed Cameras - If Not Windsor Heights then DSM
  • And...more.

Don't worry I was sorta nice.  And we've got video today too. Oh one other thing.  Will the Iowa Caucus go the way of the Iowa Straw Poll?  Looking more like it...daily.  Thank you Matt Strawn.  Read, and see more right here:  Sunday Morning Coffee with Michael Libbie.



Grab A Cup, Take A Break...

Sunday Morning Coffee is our break away from business...we'll get back to that tomorrow.  For today spend some time with us as we take a look (complete with video) at some interesting items that have to do with:

  • President Elect Mitt Romney
  • Governor Terry Branstad
  • Iowa Economic Development & Taxes
  • Danny Homan & Iowa Prisons
  • Public Education
  • CCI
  • Western Iowa & Steve King
  • And...more

Here is your link to Sunday Morning Coffee...but careful, it's HOT!


Sunday Morning Coffee - January 8, 2012

We'll get back to business tomorrow.  Today you've got the chance toCoffee Cu ps drink up some Sunday Morning Coffee; our look at sex, politics, gossip, opinion.  The stuff you crave.  Don't just sit there, you know you want some!

This week:

  • Chris Hagenow - Week 47
  • Iowa Caucus - It's not just the GOP
  • CNN - We talk Social Media and...The Weather
  • President Obama - Grows some...
  • The Holocaust - A weight loss answer from Dubai?
  • Rick & Newt & Mitt - Huh?
  • Penguins - Happy Feet meets Raiders of the Lost Ark

Don't just sit there grab some Sunday Morning Coffee right here



You are welcome...Michael

Sunday Morning Coffee - Happy New Year

Each Sunday I take a break from the world of business and enter theCoffee Cu ps steamy world of politics, sex, gossip, news, religion and opinion.  I know it's the stuff you crave.  Here's Sunday Morning Coffee that wild ride that today includes:

  • Sarah Palin - Odd News
  • Iowa Caucus Predictions - New News
  • Chris Hagenow - Becoming Old News
  • Midnight in Paris - Fun News
  • Governor Chet Culver - New News
  • Steve Deace - Phony News
  • Kent Sorenson - More Phony News
  • Soledad O'Brien - Good/New News
  • Jesus/Jews - Old News

We'll get back to business tomorrow...but for now, grab a cup...but's hot!


Sunday Morning Coffee - Grab a Cup

It's Sunday...time for coffee?  We'll take the day off of business and getCoffee Cu ps you into the holiday spirit with a story about Governor Branstad being an...elitist?  How Macy's forgot Miracle on 34th Street.  Iowa's Economy and the GOP.  Des Moines Buc's Hockey and Beer. Sexy Newscasters (Hey Erin!). The MUST go Holiday Concert today with Max Wellman.  Week #44 without my Chris Hagenow Newsletter.  Why I'm working with Desmund Adams for Iowa State Senate and so much more.  But, as careful.  The coffee is...HOT!

Sunday Morning Coffee is



Have Some Leftovers...SMC

Each Sunday morning we leave the world of business and enter into theCoffee Cu ps world of politics, sex, gossip served with a dash of religion.  You know, the stuff that makes you "crazyer".  It's Sunday Morning Coffee...go ahead, take a break and see what's up.  We'll get back to business tomorrow.  But, warning...the coffee is always, HOT!

Today:  Barry White, Herman Cain & Newt Gingrich; You Want to Teach?  We Don't Want You; Horse Slaughter A Good Thing; Meet Desmund Adams; DirecTV or (Gulp) Mediacom...and so much more.

If you want to connect we can do that on Twitter @MichaelLibbie or the personal Facebook page for Michael P. Libbie is right here.  Thanks for coming by...



Take A Break - SMC

Sunday Morning means a break from business and a cup of SundayCoffee Cu ps Morning Coffee.  Today we've got politics, religion, news from Windsor Heights, Urbandale, Mason City, Hate Crimes, Vodka, Shopping Local and Mormons...whoa.  It's like we're picking on...everybody!  We'll get back to business tomorrow...but for now, grab a cup.  But careful, it's hot!  Sunday Morning Coffee.